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Tutor App Development

Dev Technosys is one of the leading tutor app solutions providers. We have expertise in on-demand tutor app development solutions, including tutor finder apps, home tutor app services, etc.

Tutor app development is the current need of the teaching industry. At Dev Technosys, we have an experienced team of app developers that can transform any tutor app idea into a reality. So it is not only the best idea to contribute to society via education, but it is also a perfect investment and a value to the money.

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On-demand Tutor App Development

If you are also involved in the online tutoring profession, we can develop a fantastic app for your business. With us, you will get the feature-rich app that will facilitate you to cater to your students' demands and perfectly deliver the educational content. Uber for tutor app development is ruling over the market due to the increasing demand for online education and learning. The worldwide e-learning market is projected to reach 243 billion USD by 2022. From the business point of view, it is worth investing in on-demand tutor app development.

At Dev Technosys, we follow a unique approach to developing the tutor app so you can find it interesting to use for business purposes and to achieve business goals. Our experts make sure the best experience of app development.

Elevate Learning & Empower Minds With Our Tutor App Solutions Like

Discover the pinnacle of educational innovation with our tutor app development company. At Dev Technosys, we specialize in creating cutting-edge solutions that elevate learning and empower minds. With our expertise in app development, we craft user-friendly interfaces and powerful features that revolutionize the tutoring experience. We aim to provide seamless connectivity between students and tutors, fostering a dynamic educational ecosystem. Experience the future of learning with our transformative Tutor App Solutions.

Tutoring App Like Uber

Tutoring App Like Uber

Are you ready to revolutionize the tutoring industry with an app as convenient as Uber? Look no further! Our team specializes in developing tutoring apps that seamlessly connect students with qualified tutors at the tap of a button. Take your tutoring business to new heights with our innovative and customized solutions. Let's create the next big thing together!

Apps Like Duolingo

App Like Duolingo

Are you ready to create a language learning platform that rivals the success of Duolingo? Look no further! Our team of experts specializes in developing tutoring apps that incorporate gamified experiences, interactive lessons, and personalized learning journeys. Let's bring the joy of language learning to users worldwide with our innovative and engaging solutions. Together, we can build the next Duolingo!

Apps Like Quizlet

App Like Quizlet

Are you eager to develop a powerful tutoring app that captures the essence of Quizlet's success? Look no further! Our talented team specializes in crafting tutoring apps that feature robust study tools, collaborative learning environments, and customizable quizzes. Let's create an app that revolutionizes the way students study and succeed. Get ready to build the next Quizlet together!

On-Demand Tutor App Development: The Pivotal Features

Features are an important part of the amazing tutor app. Thus, some of the best features of on-demand tutor app development solutions are, as mentioned below:

  • Student Application
  • Tutor’s Application
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Additional Feature

Student Application

  • Registration

    Students can register themselves via their social login or email id.

  • Profile

    Much more accessible for a student to fill in all the profile details such as name, class, subjects, address, contact number and more.

  • Multi-Pay Option

    Tuition fees can be submitted via multi-payment modes, including mobile wallets.

  • Real-Time Status

    It facilitates checking the real-time status and how much time they will take to appear for the class.

  • Booking Cancellation

    Booking can be cancelled within a specific period, and cancellation charges will be applied. The rest of the fee amount will be reverted to the student's account.

Tutor’s Application

  • Sign-Up

    The tutors can sign up with their contact numbers/e-mail/social media id.

  • Profile Setup

    It allows tutors to set up their profiles, including their experience and qualification details.

  • Verification

    Here teachers need to submit their social security identification documents for verification and authenticity.

  • Track Earnings

    Check overall earnings or weekly or monthly earnings according to the served requests.

  • Performance Recorder

    A tutor can record all the students' performance for analysis and make a unique strategy to improve student knowledge.

Admin Dashboard

  • User Management

    The admin can easily manage tutors and students profile and remain available with all the data handy.

  • Track Payments

    It facilitates the admin to track the payments' overall status, including how much fee has been submitted and tutors payment. They can look over the overall app earnings.

  • Profile Management

    Admin can add or remove the profiles of tutors and students. They can also reset the passwords if any user forgot.

  • Class Booking History

    The app owners can track the overall history of how many requests have been served, how many are pending and cancelled.

  • Offers

    For better app promotion and customer engagement, an admin can generate offers, discounts and specialized deals.

Additional Features

  • Instant Requests

    Tutors and students can send requests through an on-demand tutor finder app development solution. We deliver the best apps for private tutors that ensure great learning and convenience. Here you will find some advanced options for search that let the teacher and student meet on a common platform.

  • Perfect Matching

    We include a special matching algorithm in tutor app development. The tutor tracker mobile app helps student matches with a teacher based on requirements.The home tutor apps integration feature is quite powerful that facilitates the student to find the best teacher for great learning ahead.

  • Scheduling

    Our custom tutor app development offers an innovative user interface to the users that is easy to use. So, the students can schedule their classes without any hurdles. Notification will be sent to the tutor tracker app for students who want to have class during the said time. Following the teacher’s approval, the class can be started.

  • Tracking

    Dev Technosys’ tutor finder app development services help teachers track their classes. It also helps school management track teachers’ performance. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest functionality such as admin can track the location or current status of the teacher.

  • Subject allocation

    The admin can prepare the paperless timetable without any clash and allocate the subjects to the respective teachers without delay and hurdle. The information will be notified to the teacher that includes time table of classes and details of the respective students. Our tutor app solutions are quite powerful and innovative.

  • E-Wallet

    The on-demand tutor finder app has built-in e-wallet services. This enables our tutor finder app project to offer different transaction services. This includes payment through net banking, debit card, and credit card easily.It makes a cashless payment more enjoyable. Whenever students are required to buy a new subscription or fee, they can easily pay from an e-wallet.

Dev Technosys

Case Study


TutoroCity™ is the finest example of an online learning platform that helps students connect with suitable tutors. A student can request offline as well as for online sessions. In addition, it also facilitates the admin to control the overall activities of the website, such as managing tasks related to the users.

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Dev Technosys

Cost & Features

Tutor App

Tutor app development empowers millions of tutors and students to connect themselves on a single platform. It can also be a great tool for an educational institution to impart education in the best way. This blog is dedicated to important aspects such as cost and features to develop tutor app development.

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Tutor App Demo

Tutor app is a revolutionary mobile application that allows teachers to showcase their skills. On the other hand, it provides ample opportunities for the students to learn the concept with fun. If you are searching for tutor app solutions, then here is the demo of one of the developed products by Dev Technosys.

How Does It Work?

Here is the process flow that how an on-demand tutor app works developed by Dev Technosys. With us you can have the best experience of it including tremendous functionality and feature rich tutor app solutions.

  • 1


    Easy signup makes it easier for the student to use the app.

  • 2

    Explore The Course

    Users can search for a desired course & tutor from the listing available on the tutor app by applying various filters with ease.

  • 3

    Save The Lesson

    The on-demand tutor app allows students to save the lessons for offline reading.

  • 4

    Talk With Tutor

    The in-app chat and call feature facilitates the tutor and students to connect in a better way. The student can ask their doubts over a video call.

  • 5


    Students can save course and tutor preferences to have profiles of those teachers who matched the user's preference.

  • 6

    Ratings & Reviews

    Students can rate the teachers hassle-free.

Complete Range of Tutor App Development Solutions

Dev Technosys offers a complete range of tutor app development solutions that you can leverage for boosting growth. We develop the teaching app solutions by keeping in mind that it must be convenient to use by the teachers to deliver the content, and students must find it easy to use and excitingly learn something. Our solution’s core components are-

App for Learners

The student panel includes registration via mobile, e-mail and social media id login, profile creation, multiple payment options, real-time tutoring sessions, and a variety of useful features.

App for Tutors

It is specially built for a tutor who likes to deliver their lessons and teachings innovatively. It contains several helpful features required for giving online education and helping the teachers.

App for Admin

Including empowered dashboard features, the other features are student management, tutor management, payment tracking, class scheduling, offer generation and others to tackle the admin tasks.

With these core components, you can demand any following solutions according to your requirements.

Dev Technosys
On-demand Teaching App Development
Dev Technosys
Online Education App Development
Dev Technosys
eTextbooks App Development
Dev Technosys
Online Tutor App Development
Dev Technosys
Online Tutor finder App
Dev Technosys
Tutor App for Special Courses
Dev Technosys
Flashcard App Development
Dev Technosys
Educational Quiz App Development
Dev Technosys
Language Learning App Development
Dev Technosys
AR-Based Educational App
One of the best things about our tutor app development is to customize the chosen solution as per your demand and the nature of the concept you want to implement via a unique online tutoring app
Dev Technosys

Here is your desired on-demand tutor app

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On-Demand Tutor App Development Services

E-learning is the hottest trend in the education industry. There are various reasons behind it, such as the fast availability of tutors, smooth classes and many more. You can leverage this trend for your business by launching a fantastic online tutor app. There is no need to roam for the classes; the tutor can be available within a few minutes on the mobile screen.

Several tutor app solutions are in the market but do you think that all are satisfying and serving the best? No, these solutions need expertise and in-depth knowledge so the tutors can meet their specific goals. The on-demand tutor app development services by Dev Technosys can promise you lots of things that will be more than your expectations.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

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Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years.Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Yup — Education App

Yup provides students with access to expert math tutoring whenever they need it, right from their smartphone or tablet. ...
Dev Technosys

Interactive Classroom Tool

Nearpod is the award-winning instructional software that engages students with interactive learning experiences. It offers to students have the ability to participate in lessons that contain virtual reality, 3D objects, PhET simulations and so ...
Dev Technosys

Online Legal Education Portal

TRTCLE is a platform that provides high quality continuing legal education. It offers cross-platform lessons in the form of recorded video courses, live lectures, and lectures via teleconference. It focuses on the multitude of course subjects a...
Dev Technosys

Tutor App Development Cost Estimation

A variety of factors exists that influence the total cost of on-demand tutor app development. Also, each component has a price, and the combination reflects the total development cost, so it's understandable. See below for more information.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

The technology stack is most important for fine-grained designing and developing of tutor app development. It accounts for one of the major portion of the total cost including paid tools for design and development tools.

Dev Technosys

UI/UX Components

Tutor apps require interactive and responsive UI / UX components to improve customer engagement. It is related to the tech stack, but it also requires additional paid tools.

Dev Technosys

Database & Storage

Multiple students use tutor apps simultaneously, so powerful database and server storage can support the app best. Here integration and maintenance costs are incurred and later added to the total cost.

Dev Technosys


Unique features can make a tutor app exciting and can enhance the learning experience. Developing these requires consistent effort and technology, which is also costly.

Dev Technosys

App Security

These types of apps contain large amounts of data transactions, and privacy has always been a major concern regarding cyberattacks. Additional mechanisms ensure the privacy and security of your data.

Dev Technosys

Third Party API

The API integration provides additional functionality to the app. Third-party API's can be SMS API, Chat API, Payment API, File Sharing and others. There is a certain amount associated with including these in the app.

Dev Technosys


Tutor apps can also be launched on different platforms. Platform-specific app costs vary. For example, Android tutor app development remains less expensive than iOS tutor app development.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

App testing works well and can be run manually for debugging, but there are also paid tools such as Selenium and Lambda Test. The cost of app testing can be considered a great investment.

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Why Choose Us For Tutor App Development?

Tutor apps solutions work great with customization as per the client's need, and you won't believe that it is our prime expertise. These solutions empower the teacher community to deliver their teachings to a greater extent. Our tutor finder app development services facilitate the teachers and students and connect them at a common platform.


Connecting Teachers & Students

Still, many students search for the best tutors, so our tutor finder app development works great. We considered it a challenge and developed solutions that can cover this gap between teachers and students. Our solutions help the students get individual attention and enable the teachers to solve the doubts of the students in an innovative way.


Customizable Subject Preference

The student can customize subject preferences as per their requirement while using our tutor app services. Our app covers all the subjects, including expert tutors such as Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Chemistry, Botany, etc. In addition, ant student can search and contact the teacher available on our platform.


Creative Interface

In teaching and learning, creativity is also required because monotonous teaching cannot promise great results. Through our app for private tutors, classes become innovative and creative. The fluid interface allows teachers to use creative tools that make studies interesting.


Teaching Integration

The home tutor app services at Dev Technosys are incredible, offering maximum assistance and support. The students associated with our platform can easily integrate the learning materials and other details to their web pages following a few clicks. This is a convenient segment for the students.


Privacy Control

It is the most crucial thing for every app, and we take extra measures to make tutor app development safe and secure. The data remains safe in our on-demand tutor finder app. Only the admin has full access to data. Our app also has an online testing facility empowered by AI.

Benefits of Using Our Tutor App Solutions

  • Dedicated professionals

    We have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in providing on-demand custom Tutor app development. Their services, in turn, provide the best result to all the stakeholders. The home tutor app is quite useful for admins, tutors and students. It offers the best way to connect tutors and students on a common platform.

  • Flexible environment

    Tutors’ app solution provides flexibility to both student and teacher. Here, they can schedule classes according to their comfort or with mutual consent.. The tutor search app works on a special algorithm. This matches the student’s requirements to the tutor’s profile. Ensuring the student get the best teacher based on their needs.

  • No overheads

    One of the best advantages of our services is that we do not charge any hidden costs. After the mutual agreement, we work on the quoted price that remains the same until the project's delivery. After that, if the customer asks us for maintenance, we charge 25% of the total project cost per year.

  • Comprehensive updates

    It is important to keep eye on the process and scheduling on-demand tutor finder app development solutions. Thus, we deliver real-time analytics and reporting system. This helps maintain transparency, ensuring everyone gets regular updates.

  • Security

    It is the thing that we do not compromise. Security for an app is our first priority, and we remain vigilant about it. For example, before the custom tutor app is delivered, it goes through testing for any flaw or bug.

  • 24*7 Support

    In any case of discrepancy in-app, you can contact us 24/7 for any technical help. We have a dedicated team of experienced troubleshooters that makes support live any time. It is our efforts to serve the best to our loyal and beloved customers.

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On-Demand Tutor App Development Models

Dev Technosys

Training Courses Apps

Getting training online is one of the latest trends that most professionals follow these days. The training app or e-learning app helps people learn and expand their knowledge.You can consider it one of the best models to launch your on-demand tutor app.

Dev Technosys

Exam Preparation Apps

These are among the best app models that people use to develop. The online exam preparation tutor apps help students prepare for competitive exams such as government jobs, university entrance or course entrance examinations.

Dev Technosys

Language Learning Apps

There is a great craze among the youngsters to learn foreign languages for knowledge, a job or admission in foreign universities. These are some varieties of apps available on the internet. You can consider this model to launch as there are high chances of earning via it.

Dev Technosys

Live Streaming Classroom Apps

Via live streaming classroom apps, you can stream and teach your students very well without any interruption. You can share live presentations, class notes, quizzes and anything else that can make your students better learn.

Ready-To-Go On-Demand Tutor App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    Chegg Tutors Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Skooli Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Wyzant Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    eTutorWorld Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    TutorMe Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Tutor.com Clone

Frequently asked question

  • What is a smart tutor app?

    It is mainly a platform for the tutors and the students where they can connect. Here you can get a glance at the available tutors around you and who offer online tuition. Here you can see the subjects, availability, qualifications, easily, and rates and send the message to agree on a session. In this way, the students can get their tuition from home. Tutor App Development is in trend so need to come up with perfect features which will help the users a lot.

  • How do I make a tutoring app?

  • How much does it cost to develop an educational app?

  • Is the tutor app worthy for me?

  • What Is On-Demand Tutor App Development?

  • Which company develops the on-demand tutoring service app?

  • What types of tutors are most in-demand?

  • Do you customized on demand tutor app solutions as per the requirements?

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