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Social Media App Development

Dev Technosys is committed to engaging global audiences with the help of feature-rich social networking app development while enhancing conversations with leading businesses and brands in real-time.

From the business point of view, social media apps are one of the best ideas to consider. Although there are several leading players in the market, still there are many future opportunities that you can grab by launching some unique solutions that can take the social media concept to a new level. If you are planning to do it, connect with our social media app development company right away.

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On-demand Social Media App Development

There are 4.55 billion social media users across the globe. It helps them have a great connection with their professional & personal community and like-minded people. The annual change in social media users is +9.9%, and 6.7 is the average number of social platforms used by users monthly. These apps also became one of the greatest tools for brand promotion and marketing, for example, Facebook Ads. The streaming application development is also relevant as other than social media people are also interested in streaming videos online.

If you want to launch a custom social media app, our on-demand social media app development services, are just what you need. With us, you can have unmatched social media application development solutions that will meet your expectations. We have a team of the best social media app developers having practical experience in developing customized apps. So, do not look for a social network app builder somewhere else and connect with us right away.

Empower Connections & Unleash Social Media App Solutions Like

We specialize in empowering connections and revolutionizing social media experiences. With our cutting-edge app solutions, we unlock the full potential of social platforms, enabling seamless communication, collaboration, and engagement. Using the latest technology, our team of experts provides custom solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive online. Get ready to unleash the power of social media with our transformative solutions.

App Like Tiktok

App Like Tiktok

Introducing the extraordinary opportunity to dive into the captivating realm of app development. Is this the beginning of an exciting journey for you? Create apps like TikTok using our expertise, where creativity knows no bounds. Join us and unleash the power of innovation, captivating millions worldwide. Let's make magic together!

Apps Like Instagram

App Like Instagram

Step into the world of limitless possibilities! Discover the remarkable chance to craft an app akin to Instagram, where visual storytelling reigns supreme. We'll embark on a mesmerizing voyage, empowering users to capture moments, connect with others, and embrace their digital identities. Let's build the next big thing in social media. Join us today!

Apps Like Clubhouse

App Like Clubhouse

Unleash the power of voices and ignite a revolution in digital conversations! Experience the exhilaration of developing an app like Clubhouse, where connections are forged through the art of audio. Join us on a thrilling journey to redefine social networking, one captivating conversation at a time. Let's create the next auditory sensation together!

Social Media App Development:
The Pivotal Features

Looking for good results for your brand? We can help with your social media integration, as we offer the best social media app development solution. We deliver authentic and compelling solutions. Our latest online media apps are made to fit your social media requirements.

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User Panel

  • Push notification

    Notify the user with alerts on video calls, messages, games, and other things. This is done with help of push notifications and emails.

  • Easy profile creation

    Businesses and individuals can create and customize their personal profiles with customized names, icons, photographs, and other details.

  • Content sharing

    The users can post and share relevant content on different social media channels for improved promotions.

  • Privacy controls

    We integrate powerful authentication parameters and security layers to ensure maximum protection with advanced privacy controls.

  • Real-time messaging

    Using our advanced app solution, the users can share messages interactively in real-time to enhance the overall experience.

  • Image & video editing

    Before sharing or uploading on a social media channel, the app allows users to image and video editing.

Admin Panel

  • User’s Management

    Admin can manage the users with ease, including profile password reset, profile deletion, user blocking, and many other tasks.

  • Third-Party integration

    If required, the admin can easily integrate third-party APIs from the verified providers to make the app more functional.

  • Push Notification

    To make users stay updated, it facilitates the admin to send the alerts via push notification.

  • In-App Advertisements

    In-app advertisement feature allows admin to show third-party ads on their social network app. This also helps in revenue generation.

  • Content Management

    Content management is easier than ever with CMS. The Admin can manage, modify, remove, and add content without any help.

  • Post Removal

    Admin can remove a post if it is discrepant. This includes any offending post related to religion, community, race, or other sensitive topics that can cause social unrest.

Additional Features

  • In-app purchase

    Here you can offer users the purchase the items such as goodies, clothing, and many others. You can also allow third parties to sell their products via it.

  • Traffic Insight

    It shows the location from where the traffic is generated. Plus, a number of user activities on the app is also part of insight.

  • Social Network Analytics tool

    This feature facilitates the admin to study the user’s behavior and their activities. In addition, you can also analyze that how your campaign is working. It is a must to include a feature for analyzing the app’s performance.

  • Integrated Messaging

    Users’ communication can effectively communicate with the integrated messaging feature. This allows them to chat, video call; even send voice messages to each other.

  • Google Map Integration

    The users can share their live or current location with others to celebrate the events, parties, or meet.

  • Live Streaming

    The most interactive feature that a user can use to live stream their ongoing activities. It is similar to the Facebook live streaming feature.

Social Media App Demo

It is one of the best examples of top social media apps developed for our clients. It will give you a brief idea about how a user can interact with the app in the best way.

How does It work?

Social media platforms are megatrends. This plays a critical role improve brand-consumer connection and user-user connection. This includes friend circle, family, and others. The following points represent that how a social media app works.

  • 1


    Such a great feature implemented by social media app developers helps users stay updated about the latest posts and events.

  • 2

    Photo Editor

    A most powerful feature that facilitates the users to apply the filters, adding captions, adjusting the brightness & contrast, and many more.

  • 3

    My Profile

    Allows to add or modify the profile details, profile pic, background image, and theme. In addition, users can choose any desired theme from the multiple available themes.

  • 4

    Social Media Advertising

    Not only for personal use, but will app also help the enterprises for social media business advertising.

  • 5

    Live Streaming

    The app allows users to go live and share their moments with the other connected users within a click. Where others can post their comments and expressions via emoji.

  • 6

    In-App Calling

    Users can connect via the in-app calling feature.

Complete Range of Social Media App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

Social media solutions entails range of solutions which are differentiated by unique features. Messaging app development, Music streaming app development are now adapting to some of social media features. As an experienced mobile app development company, we offer a complete social media app development range for global clients. You will find multiple useless features that you can leverage for your business in the app.

Our social Media App solutions covers-

App for Users

This panel for social media sharing apps allow users to create profiles, login, share the image, respond via emoji, video sharing, and other things.

Admin App

The admin panel includes many useful features. This includes user’s activity control, content control, resetting the user’s profile, deleting deactivated users’ profiles, and many more.

Business Tools

The business tool allows the users for their brand promotion and marketing. This is similar to Facebook ads.

Social Networking App Development
Social Networking App Development
Social Review App Development
Social Review App Development
Social Image Sharing Development
Social Image Sharing Development
Social Video Sharing App
Social Video Sharing App
Community Networking App Development
Community Networking App Development
Professional Networking App Development
Professional Networking App Development
Content Sharing App Development
Content Sharing App Development
Social News Sharing App
Social News Sharing App
social network app development company

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Social Media App Development Services

Being a leading social media app development company we can help you create social media app that is interactive enough to engage the audience while keeping them entertained for several hours. Our social media app developers leverage the potential of the social media platforms to being labels & brands closer to the respective customers. The social media apps that we develop are custom-made to reach the target audience while attaining the respective business goals. For more information on our comprehensive range of social media app development services, you can reach out to our professional app development team right away!

Social media presence is of the utmost importance for your business to thrive in the modern era. Some of the most popular social media platforms deliver the assurance of attracting global customers with the unparalleled flow of data as well as revenue. Our social media applications aren’t only technically powerful but come with a well-designed UI/UX and next-gen features. At Dev Technosys, our professional social media app developers are dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions for meaningful user experience across the global ecosystem.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Our Portfolio

For years, Dev Technosys has been delivering successful websites and applications that help businesses grow. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Plato - Games & Group Chats

Plato is the best chat app with group games built around having fun with friends. No sign-ups, emails, or phone numbers are required! ...
Dev Technosys

Explurger: New-Age Social App

Explurger is redefining the way we socialise. Sharing experiences take centre stage on this social media app. Besides posting pictures and videos you can keep a count of the exact miles, cities, countries & continents travelled. ...
Dev Technosys

Social Networking App Development Cost Estimation

There are some factors responsible for the overall cost of social media. You can also understand it as each component requires its price, and a combination reflects the overall development cost. For having a greater insight, check the following points:

Social Media App Tech Stack

Tech Stack

A social media app tech stack is one of the most important components for designing and developing it finely. It includes paid designing and development tools. It holds one of the major portions in the overall cost.

Social Media App UI/UX Components

UI/UX Components

A social media app requires interactive and responsive UI/UX components for better customer engagement. Although this point is related to the tech stack, some additional paid tools are also required.

Social Media App Database & Storage

Database & Storage

Social media apps receive extreme traffic. This is why they need a strong database and large server storage.Here the integration and maintenance cost is included later that is being added in the overall cost.

Social Media App Features


The social media apps are known for their features, and each app remains unique from others due to it. A consistent effort and technology are required for developing these, which also requires some cost.

Social Media App Security

App Security

Here, there is heavy data transaction. Thus, securing data against cyber attack is a big concern. For retaining the data private and secure, additional mechanism works.

Social Media App Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs

The third-party APIs provide additional functionalities to the app. If you want to add in-app purchases to a social media app, you also need a secure payment gateway to go with it. It is a major cost-affecting factor of social networking app development process.

Social Media App Platform


Social media apps can also be launched for various platforms. The social media app development platform can affect the cost of the app. For instance, the iOS social media app is more expensive the Android social media app.

Social Media App Testing

App Testing

While the app testing can be done through free tools, the paid tools do a better all-around job. Some of these tools are Selenium, Lambda test, etc.

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Why Choose Us for Social Media App Development?

Dev Technosys has a team of dedicated social media developers. We can deliver the best social networking applications.These applications can help you to widen the range of your business impactfully. You can also hire dedicated app developersfor enhanced development process.


Advanced Technology

Our developers have well-versed experience in using the latest tech stack for the development of social networking applications.


Promising Solutions

We offer services that much your demand. From custom social networking mobile websites to enhanced social apps, we can do it all.


Wider Service Range

Our solution range covers women’s social networking apps, professional networking apps like LinkedIn, media sharing app like instagram, and many others.


On-Time Delivery

Dev Technosys always delivers the project on time. Our experts always take care of things from beginning to end.


Experienced Developers

All the developers at Dev Technosys have years’ worth of experience and high qualifications.


Well Optimized Products

You will find all the products well optimized to launch and use according to your business goals.

Benefits of Social Media App Development

  • Enhanced User Engagement

    Interactive mobile apps ensure smart interactions with users. As they have unique features like GPS, a Camera, and other things. As such, the specialized features are known to enhance the overall user engagement as well as experience. Moreover, it also enhances the overall chances of conversions.

  • Improved Business Reach

    Through social media, platform business can expand their reach by an extent. The social media apps developed by us can help the business reach new heights. Promoting business growth and customer base expansion.

  • Social Branding

    Social media apps are known to extend relevant support for social branding for businesses. These apps also help businesses advertise and display their products and series on multiple social media platforms. Thus, users of social media will help your business grow with social sharing.

  • Community Building

    The apps help bring people with similar interests and preferences together. Our app-building solutions help businesses create such communities of the potential consumer.. These customers are known to serve as reliable brand loyalists while bringing in more customers to the business.

  • Improved CRM Opportunity

    Mobile applications can capture and analyze user behavior. This can be quite beneficial for the business, as they can use it for insights. As such, the business enterprises are able to understand the respective users while delivering them better services.

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Social Media App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys

Promotional Apps

Most visitors land on the marketplace app of the brand. This is through the search results within the app.. Still, the overall range of products that are listed in the marketplace should be discoverable easily. At the same time, searches related to the products should be customizable for filtering the specific product or brand. We can help you with this aspect professionally.

Dev Technosys

Contest Apps

Running a contest can be a great way of engaging potential customers and retaining them for a longer time.Contest apps serve to be a great way to run the respective brand contests. We have years of experience developing apps for both Android & iOS. Thus, we can develop contest apps with our flexible app development program.

Dev Technosys

Dating Apps

In the growing online dating market, we help the business reach its target audience through dating app development. We deliver dating apps solutions that are interactive and full of unique features.Our app developers can design custom-made dating apps on your unique network platform idea.

Dev Technosys

Social Games

We live in an era of social games. There are thousands of people who love playing social games and share their experiences online on social media platforms.We can help you with top-class social game app development solutions.

Dev Technosys

Quiz Apps

Did you not like playing quiz-based games during the old times? We can help you with top-class quiz app development solutions to allow you to interact with the end customers effectively.

Ready-To-Go Social Media App Solutions by Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    Instagram Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Facebook Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Instacart Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Twitter Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    TikTok Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Tumbler Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop a social networking app?

    • First of all, you need to decide the target audience. This will help in creating a proper social development app.
    • List down all the features and functions.
    • Then start with a unique design and development.
    • Try growing the community properly.
    • Then conduct a proper analysis.
  • Why should I invest in a Social Media App?

  • How much does it cost to develop a social networking app?

  • How long does it take to develop a social media app?

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