Do you have a great idea for a mobile game? If you have, then your search ends here. We have listed the Top Gaming app development companies in USA. Today, the iTunes Store and Google Play Stores are now flooded with mobile games that offer a variety of entertainment. 

These mobile game developers push the boundaries with each new game to provide a unique experience. These companies have proven their abilities by releasing trending games. You may now locate the top game app creator to assist you in making your thoughts a reality. 

Statista predicts that revenue from mobile games will reach $315 billion by 2023. The forecast period (2023-2027) is expected to see a growth of 7.36 % CAGR. By 2027, revenue will be $419.7 Billion. This blog will give you a list with the top mobile games development companies in USA dominating the market in 2023. 

Let’s get started.

List of Leading Gaming App Development Companies in USA

1. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys, a leading gaming app development company in USA, specializes in developing high-quality mobile and web games. They offer comprehensive services for game development to clients around the world.

Dev Technosys has a team of talented game designers, testers, developers and artists who collaborate to create exceptional gaming experiences. The team follows a well-defined, iterative process that starts with concept ideation, design, development, testing and deployment.

One of the gaming app development companies in USA has expertise in a range of game genres, including puzzle games and strategy games. It also has experience with multiplayer games as well as augmented reality or virtual reality games. The company uses popular game development frameworks and platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine in order to create visually stunning, immersive games.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
California, US 2010 150 – 250 950+ 4.5 $25 – $45/hr

2. Wipro

Wipro is also known for gaming app development companies in USA. It offers a wide range of software development services, including mobile apps. Wipro may have worked on a variety of projects in different industries including gaming but it is not specialized exclusively in the development of gaming apps.

It is recommended that you work with companies who specialize in gaming app development. These businesses have in-depth knowledge of the gambling sector. They are familiar with game design, game mechanics and monetization.

These companies have often developed popular and successful games. You may want to consider dedicated gaming studios, or companies that have an impressive portfolio and reputation in developing gaming apps.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
sarjapur road, Bangalore 1945 235k – 240k 850+ 4.4 $70 – $110/hr

3. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a leading game app development company that has a record of delivering the most intuitive, enthralling, and eye-ball-grabbing Android and IOS games for various businesses globally. Appinventiv offers end-to-end game development services, including Web3 game development, mobile game development, AR and VR game development, metaverse and Unity 3D game development, and lots more.

By utilizing advanced mobile programming techniques and advanced technologies, the game development experts here create high-resolution mobile games that run smoothly on the targeted interfaces, platforms, and devices. Top Gaming App Development Companies In USA In 2023

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
New York, NY, United States 2014 501 – 1000 1500+ 4.4 $25 – $49/hr

4. Oracle

Oracle is among the gaming app development companies in USA known for its database software and enterprise solutions. For instance, Oracle provides cloud infrastructure services that can host and scale gaming applications. 

Additionally, Oracle offers development tools and frameworks like Java, which are commonly used in game development. Moreover, Oracle provides database management systems that can efficiently handle the storage and retrieval of game-related data, such as player profiles, scores, and achievements.    

Leveraging Oracle’s technologies and expertise, game development companies can benefit from robust infrastructure, reliable data management, and efficient development tools to  create engaging gaming experiences. However, it’s important to note that there are specialized gaming app development companies that might provide more focused and tailored services in the gaming industry.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Austin, Texas, U.S 1997 140k – 143k 700+ 4.4 $120 – $160/hr

5. SAP

SAP is among the gaming app development companies in USA. SAP’s main focus is on enterprise software, especially in the areas of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), business operations and other related fields. Helping businesses manage their operations and simplify their procedures is SAP’s primary goal.

This web development company specializes in publishing and creating gaming apps on various platforms including mobile, consoles, and PC. also they have a wealth of expertise in the areas of game design, development and graphics. They also offer animation and user-experience.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 1972 100k – 102k 850+ 4.4 $120 – $160 / hr

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6. Google

Google is a multinational company offering a variety of services and products. Google is not known for its gaming apps, but it has had a significant impact on the industry. Google’s Google Play Store and Google Play Games provide a platform to game developers for the distribution and monetization of their games.

Google offers a variety of tools and resources to help game developers, including the Android platform and Google Cloud Services. Google also has its own gaming initiatives including the cloud gaming platform Google Stadia. Google’s extensive reach, technical expertise and developer-friendly environment make it a valuable partner to game developers who want to create and distribute gaming apps to a worldwide audience.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 1998 137k – 139k 800+ 4.2 $90 – $140 /hr

7. Accenture

Accenture is a global professional services company that offers a variety of services, such as outsourcing and digital transformation. Accenture, known for its gaming apps, has the skills and expertise to create them. Accenture’s vast experience in digital technologies, user experience design and software development allows

it to create immersive gaming experiences across multiple platforms. Their team of designers, developers, and consultants are able to assist with the entire development cycle, from conception to deployment. Accenture’s innovative approach and deep knowledge of the industry can help gaming clients create engaging gaming apps to meet today’s high-tech and engaged gamers.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Dublin, Ireland 1989 690k – 695k 750+ 4.4 $90 – $150/hr

8. Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the reputed gaming app development companies in USA. TCS, which is known for its wide range of IT solutions including consulting, software development and business solutions, has ventured into gaming app development.

TCS, a leader in the IT sector, has leveraged their expertise in software and technology development to create innovative gaming apps. TCS provides end-to-end services for game development, including design, programming and testing. On a variety of platforms, their team of designers, developers, and artists produces rich, captivating gaming experiences.

TCS focuses on customer satisfaction and quality to ensure that their gaming apps meet client requirements and offer seamless experiences. TCS’s technical expertise and understanding of user preferences and gaming trends allows them to create high-quality mobile gaming apps.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 1968 552k – 556k 800+ 4.4 $100 – $140 / hr

9. Baidu

Baidu is a Chinese technology multinational company best known for its search engines. Baidu’s gaming division focuses on creating and publishing mobile games aimed at the Chinese market.

Baidu’s gaming apps development efforts are aimed at capitalizing on the rapidly expanding gaming industry in China. The company is involved in developing and distributing mobile games of various genres, including casual games, RPGs and strategy games.

Baidu uses its vast user base and understanding of Chinese consumers in order to create engaging gaming experiences that are culturally relevant. The company collaborates with outside game developers to increase its gaming app portfolio.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Beijing, China 1989 40k – 45k 600+ 4.1 $120 – $160 / hr

10. HCL

HCL Technologies is among the top gaming app development companies in USA. It offers a variety of other services including mobile application development and digital solutions. HCL’s extensive experience in software has enabled it to provide services to a wide range of industries, including gaming.

Their technical expertise and domain knowledge allows them to provide tailored solutions for the development of gaming apps. HCL’s developers and designers are able to create immersive and engaging gaming experiences on different platforms including mobile, console, and web. They can take care of aspects like game design, development and testing, deployment, as well as ongoing support.

HCL is a good option for gaming apps, even though there are many specialized companies on the market. This is because of its expertise in software development and technical capabilities.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India 1976 222k – 225k 650+ 4.2 $65 – $110/hr

Gaming App Development Companies in USA

11. VMware

VMware is one of the leading gaming app development companies in USA, known for its virtualization solutions and cloud computing. VMware isn’t primarily focused in gaming app development but it does provide technologies and tools which can be used during the development process.

VMware provides platforms such as VMware vSphere that enable efficient virtualization of server infrastructure and enhance scalability for gaming applications. VMware’s software-defined network solutions, like VMware NSX can provide a flexible, secure, and reliable network infrastructure for gaming applications. 

You must hire dedicated developers who can create, deploy and manage apps across multiple cloud environments. This facilitates the development and deployment of gaming applications in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Stanford Research Park 1998 30k – 31k 450+ 4.2 $70 – $140/hr

12. Fiserv

Fiserv isn’t primarily known for its gaming app development. Fiserv is an international financial technology company (fintech), which specializes in offering solutions and services for the financial industry. Fiserv offers a variety of technology solutions including payment processing software, banking software and risk management.

Fiserv is a financial services company, but it doesn’t focus specifically on the development of gaming apps. Fiserv technology solutions and services can be used by gaming companies to process payments, manage finances, or assess risk.

It is recommended that you explore game development studios or companies that specialize in creating and publishing gaming apps. These companies have an in-depth understanding of gaming, game design and programming, as well as the user experience needed to develop successful gaming apps.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Brookfield, Wisconsin, U.S. 1984 5k – 10k 450+ 4.2 $70 – $130/hr

13. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the best gaming app development companies in USA that offers a wide variety of products and services. Microsoft is a major player in the industry of software, but also has a strong presence in the gaming world. The Xbox gaming system was developed by Microsoft and is incredibly well-liked by players all around the world.

Microsoft owns and runs Xbox Live, a gaming online service. It also has a large library of games for its platform. The company also has a focus on the development of gaming apps, offering tools and resources to developers so they can create and publish their games for Windows, Xbox and mobile platforms.

Microsoft’s commitment towards gaming is demonstrated by its acquisitions of game development studios such as Mojang (developer for Minecraft) and Bethesda Softworks. This has expanded its gaming portfolio, and ensured a robust gaming environment for its customers.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington, U.S. 1975 220k – 225k 750+ 4.4 $100 – $150 /hr

14. Salesforce

Salesforce is the leading cloud-based CRM platform. It offers a wide range of tools to help companies manage their customer-related activities, including sales, marketing and customer service.

It provides robust solutions to businesses that help them improve customer engagement, streamline their processes, and increase sales. Developers can create and distribute AppExchange apps that cater to a variety of business needs including analytics, customer service and collaboration.

Salesforce is a CRM and enterprise software solution provider, but it can also help gaming companies with areas like customer relationship management (CRM), data analytics and marketing automation.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Salesforce Tower San Francisco, California, U.S. 1999 79k – 80k 600+ 4.4 $120 – $160/hr

15. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company, a renowned management consulting firm in the world, was founded in 1926. It was founded in 1926 and advises companies across a wide range of industries on issues such as strategy, technology, operations, and many other areas. McKinsey helps clients solve complex challenges, improve performance and drive growth.

The company has expertise in management consulting, digitalization, organizational design and marketing. It does not, however, specialize in the development of gaming apps. McKinsey is among the top gaming app development companies in USA and is more focused on helping companies develop effective strategies, optimize their operations and improve overall performance than it is in direct software development.

They are sought out by large corporations, governments and non-profits around the world for their consulting services, which has made them a leading name in the industry.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
New York City, United States 1926 25k – 30k 650+ 4.2 $100 – $150/hr

16. Cognizant

A leading provider of technology consulting and support services, Cognizant is renowned for its knowledge of gaming software. Cognizant’s dedicated team of professionals specializes in game development. They design immersive and captivating gaming experiences by combining their technological know-how and creativity.

Cognizant’s expertise in game design and programming, graphics and user experience allows them to cater to the needs of gaming app developers. They know the challenges of creating interactive and visually pleasing games for various platforms including mobile, console, web and more.

Cognizant offers a full range of gaming app development services, from concept ideation to prototyping, to coding and testing. This allows them to create high-quality games that engage users and provide enjoyable gameplay.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Teaneck, New Jersey, U.S. 1994 315k – 318k 650+ 4.4 $100 – $149/hr

17. Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is a global leader in management consulting. BCG was founded in 1963 and offers advisory services across all industries including healthcare, technology, finance, etc. BCG’s expertise is in strategic consulting, operational improvement, and business transformation.

BCG works closely to identify and address clients’ unique challenges, develop growth strategies, and help them achieve long-term success. BCG’s team of consultants uses data-driven insights and industry expertise to guide clients in making informed decisions and achieving their business goals.

BCG’s broad consulting capabilities, while not specialized in gaming app development, can help clients from a variety of industries, including those looking to enter the gaming industry or improve their current presence. 

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Boston, Massachusetts, United States 1963 22k – 25k 550+ 4.3 $110 – $140/hr

18. Infosys

Infosys, a multinational corporation with its headquarters in India, specializes in business consulting, IT, and outsourcing. A global company with its headquarters in India, Infosys focuses on offering outsourcing, IT services, and business consulting.

It is one of the prominent gaming app development companies in USA. Infosys is a technology company that has experience in a variety of domains. It has also worked with clients from varying industries including gaming and entertainment.

Infosys’s technical expertise and capabilities can be leveraged to provide solutions in the gaming app space. These include mobile app development and development of backend infrastructure, as well as game development and user experience design.

Infosys, with its global presence and strong background in software development, can provide consulting, software engineering and integration services for businesses to create and launch gaming applications.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Bangalore, Karnataka, India 1981 295k – 297k 650+ 4.3 $100 – $140/hr

Gaming App Development Companies in USA

19. Capgemini

Capgemini, headquartered in France, is a multinational company that provides consulting and technology-related services. Capgemini’s expertise in software development allows it to help with the development of gaming apps.

They offer services like requirements analysis, UI/UX, coding and testing. Their expertise in different industries and technologies can help gaming app projects succeed.

Capgemini’s focus on digital transformation and innovation allows them to deliver solutions that are aligned with the market trends. They can offer end-to-end solutions or work with other stakeholders to develop engaging and immersive games. Capgemini’s primary focus is on consulting and technology, but they can use their expertise to develop gaming apps.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
Paris, France 1967 98k– 100k 700+ 4.2 $60 – $120/hr

20. Deloitte

Deloitte, a global professional services network, is known for providing tax, advisory, and consulting services. Deloitte’s technology consultants help businesses develop digital strategies, implement technology solutions and gain insights to optimize operations.

They have a thorough understanding of new technologies, trends in the industry, and design for user experience. Deloitte offers services to help clients navigate the complex gaming industry. These include game development strategies, monetization methods, market research and user acquisition.

Deloitte’s vast resources, expertise in the industry, and technological know-how can help gaming companies develop and deploy innovative gaming apps aligned with their business objectives and that provide users with engaging experiences.

Location Founded In Company Size Projects Delivered Customer Ratings Avg. Development Cost
London, England 1845 330k – 334k 500+ 4.4 $120 – $150/hr


Numerous mobile game development companies have sprung up in the USA as a result of the recent growth in gaming trends. One of the sectors with the greatest rate of growth in the world is the mobile game market, and as cloud computing becomes more prevalent, mobile gaming will change and revolutionize the whole sector.

However, you can take help from a Gaming App Development Company who can assist you in turning your game idea into a playable mobile game if you’re wanting to create one.


1. How Much Does it Cost to Hire Gaming App Developers?

The cost of hiring gaming app developers varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the desired features, the platform(s) targeted, and the location of the developers. It can range from $15-$25 or more. 

2. What Are the Challenges You Might Face While Hiring a Gaming App Development Company?

Some challenges you may encounter when hiring a gaming app development company include finding a company with relevant experience in game development, ensuring they understand your vision, meeting budget constraints, and ensuring effective communication throughout the development process.

3. How to Develop a Gaming App? 

To build a gaming app, follow these steps:

  • Define your game concept and target audience.
  • Design the game mechanics, graphics, and user interface.
  • Choose a development platform and programming language.
  • Code and test the game features.
  • Optimize performance and add engaging elements.
  • Launch and market the game.

4. Do Gaming App Development Companies Assist With App Marketing and Monetization Strategies?

Yes, many gaming app development companies offer additional services related to app marketing, user acquisition, app store optimization (ASO), and monetization strategies. They can help you formulate marketing plans and implement monetization models such as in-app purchases, advertisements, or subscription-based models.

5. What Platforms do Gaming App Development Companies Support?

Most gaming app development companies support multiple platforms, including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and web. Some companies may also offer support for additional platforms such as PC, Mac, consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.), and virtual reality (VR) platforms.