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Those days are gone when people use to spend time together and love used to have at first sight. There are so many dating apps like tinder that are getting popular as people are getting the better half of their choice.

Now love is just a tap away all you need to do is swipe right and left to choose someone special. When a dating app like Tinder gives the person the power of choosing their own partner it gives the parent company to direct route to profit and escalate the revenue. The dating app developer has a lot of experience in this field and knows how to give you solutions based on your features and idea.

Modern technologies have even changed man-machine relations but this even impacts interpersonal relationships. Do you remember the last time you have written a letter to your loved person?  People are going online to find their better half.

This is one of the reasons that apps, dating websites, and chats have become a part of life. Some ground rules are very important to know if you are planning to develop Tinder clone apps.

How Much Does it Cost to Build A Dating App like Tinder?

Mainly the cost to develop a dating app like tinder depends on the complexity of its function and the mobile app development company you choose. The basic iOS and Android app with the minimal feature can cost you around $8000 to $20000 based on the average hourly rate that is $15. If you want to build an app for both the platform like ios and android then it will cost you around $25000 approx.


The Technology Behind Creating Your Own Tinder App

At first glance, the function of the dating apps may seem very easy and simple but it hides a lot of algorithms from the users.

  • At a time the users can see only one person but so many people are swiping right and left simultaneously.
  • The users see people in a different order so the developers will play an important role in structuring the profile into different groups.
  • Some algorithms are needed to be changed to define who and when to show to create a match.

The logic that is described in the above points needs to be implemented on the server-side of the application. For creating the back end the developers can take the help of React, Java, .NET, or other server-side technologies. Taking the help of dating app development will help in selecting the best and working on the upcoming dating application for this generation.


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Dating App Features and Technology That Are in Use

In a dating app, not just the algorithms matter but it is very important to focus on attending what to consider and how to create a dating app for this generation. There are several other features and functions. Certain amounts are needed in implementation such as time and money.

1. Authorization and User Profile

Using the Facebook authorization engine can be one of the best options when planning to build a dating app. This happened with the help of open authorization protocol so that the registration’s password and login are not remembered by the app.

There is another way of building log-in is by using the phone number to make an app like tinder you can use the existing kind of user authorization. After the authorization is done this is the right to show the main app functionality.  Always hire dedicated developers as they have all the resources and knowledge to work on your idea.


Cost to Develop a Dating App Like Tinder


The profile can be implemented by using the both server-side and client-side of the application. The client-side helps in editing and entering the data such as bio, gender, and photos.

Some famous dating application allows creating a proper web profile so that it can be found even beyond the application. When clicking on the option ‘like me on tinder’ the users will be redirected directly to the application or the app store or the app market if the app is not installed on the device.

After this the client side sends the request to the server then the server remembers that it user wants his photo to be seen when they click on the link. Then the server helps in generating the link and who so ever clicks the link can see the photo. This is one of the ways Tinder works with the users and their profiles. You can even use the same approach when planning to build a tinder app.

2. Notification and Settings

As per the convince of the user the users can edit the setting that is allowed by the dating app like tinder. For example, you can for the new match can even disable the notification, and the same goes on when the user receives the message, super likes, likes.

There are some preferable units of measure that you can choose like displaying a distance in km or mi. via the integration of your app, the receiving notification can be implemented with Apple and Google server.


Cost to Develop a Dating App Like Tinder


A push notification is sent to the app from the server. The development group can use firebase cloud messaging for android and Apple push notifications for ios. For creating a dating app like tinder always make sure that the user accounts are set up properly.

3. Communication and Geolocation

Without geolocation, the app would be useless as a dating app is all about finding people near so it is the basis of this app. The developers can use core location or geolocation API to create a dating app like tinder. For the ios, they can use CLLocation Manger, and for the android, they can use MapView classes, and android. location package and a map kit framework.

The users once match can talk to each other in the dating app. If there no mutual like then the chat is disabled. With the help of HTTP and REATful API, this rule can be implemented. There are no permanent socket connections that are involved to overload the server. Depending on the frequency of the message that is being sent a polling interval is set up.

To make the recent Instagram photo available the users can even connect their profile with Instagram. But the content from tinder is not available on Instagram.

4. In-app Purchase or Monetization

In some dating apps, the users can get a lot of additional features when they buy a paid subscription. For example, changing their location, see the last swipe, Turn off the ads, and so more. The in-app purchase can even be integrated via store kit framework for ios, and in-app billing API for android.

After all of this, you know how to create a dating app. You must come up with a different idea that can easily attract the target audience. Nowadays the audience wants a good quality app with different ideas that can attract them.


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The Reason Behind Creating a Dating App

This app is grabbing people’s attention as it is simplifying a huge part of daily life digitally that even includes personal relationships. This service is interactive, less time-consuming, and efficient to find a better half. Below are some of the benefits that you must know before creating a dating app.


1. Higher User Retention Rate

when the application is installed in the device then the retention rate is calculated by analyzing the user’s engagement. It’s very important to build a loyal customer base for long-lasting connection than connecting for a few times usage. The popularity of such dating app is increasing as it provides a new alternative to meet a person. As per research, people are finding much about dating apps in the online portal.


2. Overall App-based Dating High Revenue

Choosing a mobile app development company is one of the best ways to save a lot of money. As more and more traffic your app gets the more you will get the revenue out of it.


3. Lots of Monetization Opportunities

There are so many monetization strategies that are covered by dating mobile app developers. In in-app advertisement and third-party services is some of the common developer strategies to monetize the app. The nature of this kind of application supports the high motivation of user-based. It is even seen that 20% of the users are interacting with the paid version features.


4. Popular

Dating app has created a huge trust among the customers and this helps in boosting their revenue. Most of the people are using this appt o find their better half and interact with them. in this way they even understand their likes and dislike. A unique concept of a dating app can attract a lot of customers.


How to Develop a Dating App Like Tinder?


1. Planning

Planning plays an important role in the entire app development step. It’s very important to understand your audience and bring different ideas that can attract a lot of interested users.


2. UX/UI Design

Intuitive design is one of the things that you must have for each product. The search tab and user profile should be the primary focus as there are so many screens where people can spend a lot of time. This helps the users to understand does the app is worth spending time on.


3. Back-end Development

it’s very important to come up with secure and powerful servers and databases when you deal with a lot of personal information. When adding the social media integration then this helps in increasing the amount and requires particularly for the database connection.


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4. Front-end Development

The front-end development will help in managing and organizing the data from the back end and then serve into the mobile software.

5. Testing and Launching

With the developers, the QA team even works parallel. Just after one or two weeks of launch possible bugs and modules make sure that it works properly. Coming up with the readymade application is not just the final step it must correspond to the app store and the google play rules.

6. Post-launch Support

it’s very important to remember the constant improvements. This type of application comes up with monetization opportunities. There are so many things that are needed to be taken care of such as coming up with premium features, delivery updates, improving the performance, etc.

People are focusing on finding people online as this helps in saving a lot of time as they can interact directly. Unique ideas that will help attract the entire potential customer towards your app. In dating app people can even make good friends and find a better half.


Dating apps are famous among all people, over the world. People are finding this app a perfect medium to connect with women and men for love, romance, dating, and even friendship. This type of app is rapidly growing and bringing a big spike in their demand. The dating app developers are planning an important role in understanding your concept and providing the best solution in front of you.

There is so many mobile app development company you will find but it very important to select the best for your company. The dating app is making the life of people simple.