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“Crafting comfort in the digital age – Learn the art of furniture e-commerce with insights on building an online furniture store app like Wayfair, making every click a step towards coziness.”


Quick Summary: “Do you own a small furniture store and want to create an online furniture store app like Wayfair to take your business online? If yes, then don’t miss reading this blog. It will guide you to the entire process to build an online furniture shopping app like Wayfair, including current market stats, essential features, cost estimation, and more. So, let’s begin the process of how to develop an app like Wayfair?”


What’s the first element that strikes the mind as soon as we think of decorating our home sweet home? Furniture? Isn’t it? Well, in previous times, buying furniture was a hard nut to crack as one had to visit multiple furniture stores to buy a piece of furniture.

But not anymore! Online furniture store apps like Wayfair have made it easier for businesses to develop a robust brand presence while allowing customers to buy home décor products online. As a result, businesses are planning to build an app like Wayfair.

Today, Wayfair has gained the limelight as the top home interior design software. The application has not only made online furniture shopping easier for customers but has also led businesses to achieve a strong online presence. More than half of the population relies on on-demand apps like Wayfair to buy home décor, which is why businesses are also expanding their businesses online.

So, if you are also planning for Wayfair app development, this blog will help you know what is Wayfair app and how to build an app like Wayfair, including its features, cost, and more.


What is Wayfair App?

Wayfair Inc. also termed as a global e-commerce website, was once a CSN Store. Wayfair is an online retailer for home goods, furniture, and décor. Established in 2002 by Niraj Shah and Steve Conine, Wayfair is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Currently, Wayfair operates in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The company has over 18 million active customers and over 100 million products in its catalog.


Wayfair App


Over the subsequent years, this e-commerce platform development idea evolved into a premier online destination for various home goods, expanding its offerings to include furniture, travel accessories, toys, and pet supplies. From a single website, the business expanded to encompass over 250 separate stores featuring a diverse range of products.

In 2011, the founders of Wayfair decided to streamline their business operations and Wayfair came into the picture. By 2012, the platform boasted millions of products, generating an annual revenue exceeding $600 million. Currently, Wayfair holds five distinct brands —Wayfair.com, AllModern, Birch Lane, DwellStudio, and Joss & Main.


How Does Wayfair App Works?

The working of apps like Wayfair is similar to other on-demand app development solutions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the Wayfair app works – 


1. Download & Install the Wayfair App

Users can simply download the Wayfair app from the respective Google Play Store or App Store based on their preferences.


2. Create an Account or Sign In

Next, users can create an account to save their preferences and order history. They can later sign in to their existing Wayfair account.


3. Browse or Search for Products

For advanced search results, users can apply filters and then browse or search for products online. It will make the search process seamless and hassle-free.


4. View Product Details

For detailed product information, users can tap on the products to see photos, dimensions, reviews, and pricing.


5. Add to Cart

To buy products online, users can tap the “Add to Cart” button and get a seamless online furniture-buying experience.


6. Review the Order

Before order placement, users can review the cart items, shipping address, and payment information and then make the confirmation.


7. Place An Order

Finally, users can place an order by tapping the “Place Order” button to complete their online purchase.


8. Track Your Order

After successful order placement, users can track the order status and can get real-time delivery updates in online furniture store apps like Wayfair.

This is how the online furniture store app development works and enables a hassle-free online shopping experience. Every business owner who is planning to build an app like Wayfair should be well-versed in this process.


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Current Market Statistics & Growth of Online Furniture Store App Development

Today, we are living in an era where offline services are fading, be it buying clothes or selling furniture. With the advent of latest technologies, mobile applications have taken the world by storm and online furniture store is no exception. Currently the market is booming and all credit goes to the popular online furniture store app like Wayfair.


Growth of Online Furniture Store App Development


  • As per the reports, by 2025, the revenue generated by the U.S. e-retail furniture industry is projected to exceed $208.2 billion, surpassing the estimated figure of $132.7 billion in 2021.
  • Statista reports states that Wayfair reported a substantial rise in active consumers, reaching approximately 19 million in 2020, compared to 20.29 million in 2019. Moreover, there has been a notable uptick in the total annual orders fulfilled by the Wayfair platform.
  • In its fiscal year 2020, Wayfair experienced a surge in shipped orders, reaching 61 million, up from 64 million the previous year.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Online Furniture Store App Like Wayfair?

Being a business owner, everyone gets a second thought regarding ‘Why should I invest in online furniture shopping app like Wayfair?’ You shouldn’t miss reading the succeeding section if you are sailing in the same boat. Here are some compelling reasons to develop home decor apps like Wayfair.


Why Should Businesses Invest in Online Furniture Store App Like Wayfair


1. Global Reach and Market Expansion:

Online furniture-selling platforms break down geographical barriers, allowing businesses to reach a global audience. It can significantly expand the businesses’ market reach and develop a strong customer base.


2. Increased Sales and Revenue:

With a solid and robust online presence, businesses can tap into a larger market, increasing sales and revenue. With a feature-packed home décor app like Wayfair, businesses can showcase a wide range of products online, increasing the likelihood of sales.


3. Convenience and User Experience:

Online marketplace for shopping offers a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers worldwide. With such applications, users can browse various products, compare prices, read reviews, and purchase from the comfort of their homes. What could be better than this?


4. 24/7 Business Accessibility:

The e-commerce business app development process enables customers to browse and make purchases anywhere, anytime, offering 24/7 accessibility. This flexibility attracts and retains customers with different time zones or busy schedules.


5. Personalized Shopping Experience:

When you build an app like Wayfair, you can use customer data that allows businesses to offer personalized recommendations and promotions. This personalized touch can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering long-term relationships with the brand.

These are some of the major reasons that indicate the benefits of investing in shopping app for your e-commerce business. Now that you know the perks of having a robust online presence, let’s jump into the step-by-step process to build an app like Wayfair.


How Can I Build An App Like Wayfair? Step-by-Step Development Process

Do you want to build an app like Wayfair? Wondering, where to begin with? Here’s a step-by-step development process as suggested by the ecommerce app development company professionals.


#Step 1 – Identify Your Business Goals & Objectives

Identifying business goals and objectives is crucial before you plan to build an app like Wayfair. It will help you identify how your mobile application will work and take your business forward.

It is the foremost step of Wayfair app development that will definitely smoothen your process for the long-term. All you have to do is write down all the major goals and objectives to create an app like Wayfair; it will help you later at the time of development.


#Step 2 – Conduct Market Research & Analysis

Once you have defined business goals and objectives, conduct extensive market research and analysis to understand the latest market trends. Simultaneously, research about the top online shopping apps like Wayfair to know about their features, functionalities, tech stacks used, and loopholes. Doing so will help you come up with a better and more successful online furniture store application.


how to Build An App Like Wayfair


#Step 3 – Wayfair App UX/UI Designing

Now comes another major element of the Wayfair app, i.e., its design. Focusing on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is a must to ensure an appealing design for your home décor mobile application.

Do not go for an overly complicated design, as it will not only confuse your potential users but also demand high mobile app development costs. So, if you are good at app designing, go for it; otherwise, it is better to hire graphic designer from a reputed shopping app development company.


#Step 4 – Begin Wayfair App Development Process

Finally, you can start developing a Wayfair app by using all the useful information gathered in the previous stages. Here, you can decide which features and functionalities to include to make your home décor app attention-grabbing.

Always remember that Users interact with the app in real-time through the front end while the data exchanged with the app is stored in the backend database. Therefore, to conduct efficient operation of the Wayfair online furniture store app, you have to ensure seamless integration between the front end and the back end.


#Step 5 – App Testing And Launch

Once you build an app like WayFair, conduct its in-depth testing to find out the errors and bugs. Make sure to eliminate all the mistakes before you launch your mobile app.

As per the mobile app development company professionals, your app will never gain user engagement and attention if it contains lots of errors. Hence, make your home store app 100% error-free before you launch it on the Google Play Store or App Store.


#Step 6 – Wayfair App Support And Maintenance

Although mobile app support and maintenance are not mandatory processes to build an app like Wayfair, they can be considered. Ensuring timely maintenance of your business application will help you increase the lifespan of your online furniture store application. Also, it will save you from spending substantial mobile app development costs in the future.


#Step 7 – Market Your Wayfair app

At last, you can leverage the best marketing strategies to market your business application as per the latest trends. It helps your home décor application gain traction and users’ attention while enabling you to generate more sales and profit in no time. This step will boost your online furniture store app development efforts and help you take your business ahead.

So, these are the seven-step process to build an app like Wayfair. Now that you know the step-by-step procedure, it is your turn to implement these steps one by one and come up with a profit-driven home décor application. You can also hire dedicated developers if you aren’t well-versed in the development process.


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What Are The Essential Features Required to Build An App Like Wayfair?

Features are the crucial elements of any mobile application, irrespective of its domain. They are strong assets to grab users’ attention at just a glance. So, if you are in the process of building an app like WayFair, adding the right features to every panel is a must. To make it a little easier for you, our shopping app development company experts have mentioned the features for each panel.



1. User Panel Features of Home Décor App

Customers access the user panel to get a comprehensive view of a wide range of products listed on the online furniture store app. Here are some of the valuable user panel features of the Wayfair app.

  • User Registration & Profile Management
  • Display Product Catalog
  • Custom Search and Filters
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Push Notifications
  • Add products to the Cart
  • Multi-Payment Methods
  • Customer Support
  • Product Delivery Tracking

2. Owner Panel Features of Home Décor App

This panel of online furniture store app development is accessed by the owners to manage their online store effectively. Here are some useful features of the owner panel of app like Wayfair.

  • Owner Profile Creation
  • Managing Product Inventory
  • Adjust Product Pricing
  • Add Discounts and Offers
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Address Customer Queries
  • Reporting & Analytics


3. Admin Panel Features of Home Décor App

The administrator of your furniture store business will access this panel. Here, the admin gets access to important features to ensure the smooth working of your app like Wayfair. Have a look at some of its crucial features.

  • Manage Store Owners & Customers
  • Add or Remove Products
  • Manage Online Payments
  • Access to a Multiple Reports
  • Manage Shipping And Product Delivery
  • Effective Content Management System
  • Reporting & Analytics


How Much Does It Cost to Build An App Like Wayfair?

What is the cost of Wayfair app development? Is this the foremost question that strikes your mind as soon as you think of online furniture store app development? Well, the average cost to build an app like Wayfair lies somewhere in between $8,000 to $30,000, and more depending on the type of application developed.


Cost to Build An App Like Wayfair


Besides this, there are numerous factors affecting the online furniture app development cost, such as – 

  • App Complexity
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Features and Functionalities
  • Tech Stacks
  • Development Team Location
  • Number of App Screens
  • Payment Gateway Integration

These are some essential factors that will increase or decrease the cost of online furniture store mobile app development. Now that you are well-versed with every factor, keep them in mind when you build an app like WayFair.


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Want to Develop An Online Furniture Store App Like Wayfair? Let’s Connect

If you run a small furniture store and are planning to take your business forward with a user-oriented app, Dev Technosys can help you. As a renowned mobile app development company, we have successfully developed thousands of mobile apps, from home décor applications to online furniture store apps like Wayfair. Our dedicated developers can help you turn your business dreams into reality.

With an in-depth understanding of leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify and more, nothing is impossible for us. Just share your requirements to build an app like Shopify and get your potential customers a seamless and customized shopping experience. Let’s turn your vision of Wayfair mobile app development into reality!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How Can I Generate Profit From App Like Wayfair?

To generate profit from an online furniture store app like Wayfair, focus on a user-friendly interface, robust e-commerce features, strategic partnerships with furniture suppliers, and effective marketing to attract a broad customer base.


Q2. Is It A Good Decision to Invest in WayFair App Development?

Investing in Wayfair app development can be the best decision due to the growing e-commerce trends in the furniture industry. However, thorough market research and a unique value proposition are crucial for the success of your home décor business.


Q3. What is the Cost to Build An App Like Wayfair?

The basic cost to develop an app like Wayfair is $8,000 to $30,000. Apart from this, the cost of the Wayfair app varies based on the features, complexity, and development team rates.


Q4. Why Should I Go for Online Furniture Store App Development?

Online furniture store app development helps businesses get global reach, offer customers convenience, and the ability to showcase a vast product range. It aligns with the ever-evolving consumer preference for online shopping and, in turn, allows businesses to expand with time.


Q5. Is Dev Technosys the Right Place to Seek Home Décor App Development Services?

Dev Technosys is one of the best choices if you want to develop a mobile app for your furniture store. Since 2010, we have been delivering exceptional e-commerce app development services and other solutions. We can create everything from an app like Wayfair to the top home décor apps. Feel free to share your project requirements with us.