In today’s competitive business landscape, effective talent management is crucial for organizations striving to attract, develop, and retain top-performing employees. Talent management software solutions like Performly Talent offer comprehensive features to streamline HR processes and optimize workforce performance. But what does it take to Build Software Like Performly Talent?

This blog post explores the costs and key features involved in developing software akin to Performly Talent. From performance management and goal setting to learning and development, we’ll delve into the essential functionalities that make such software popular among organizations.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the factors that influence the cost to build software like Performly Talent. By understanding the necessary features and associated costs, businesses can make informed decisions when considering the development of a talent management software solution tailored to their specific needs.    

Join us as we uncover the insights and considerations to build software like Performly Talent and discover the path toward effective talent management in the digital era.


Q1. What is Performly Talent?   

Performly, a cloud-based solution for human resources, is designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. The primary features are talent management, object management, and competency management. 360-degree reviews, feedback collection and recognition, a daily task list, and internal process management.

Users can list employee objectives, core competencies, and plans for growth and improvement in the talent management module. They can assess the performance of employees and link their objectives to their to-list. The 360-degree functionality includes self-assessments and peer reviews, as well as manager evaluations. 

Templates for one-on-one check-in meetings are available to help users track and discuss progress, and provide feedback. The software is available as a subscription-based option. It is compatible with Windows Mac and Linux.

Over 1,000,000 users: Performly Talent is used by over 1,000,000 users in over 100 countries.


Q2. How Does Performly Talent Software Work?

Performly Talent Software works by offering a centralized platform where HR professionals can manage various aspects of talent management. This includes activities such as employee onboarding, performance management, goal setting, learning and development, and succession planning. The software allows HR teams to automate and digitize these processes, reducing administrative tasks and providing real-time visibility into employee performance.

Through Performly Talent Software, HR professionals can set up performance review cycles, define key performance indicators (KPIs), and establish goal alignment across the organization. The software enables continuous feedback and coaching, facilitating ongoing performance conversations between managers and employees.

Additionally, the software offers learning and development features, allowing employees to access training materials, courses, and skill development resources. It may include performance analytics and reporting capabilities, providing insights into individual and team performance, identifying areas for improvement, and supporting data-driven decision-making. 


Q3. How to Use Performly Talent Software? 

To use Performly Talent software effectively, you must follow the below steps: 


  • Set Up the System:

Begin by configuring Performly Talent according to your organization’s structure, roles, and processes. Define performance criteria, goal types, and evaluation cycles.


  • Employee Data Management:

Import or input employee information into the system, including job titles, contact details, and reporting hierarchies. Ensure data accuracy and keep it up to date.


  • Performance Management:

Create performance reviews, set goals, and establish evaluation criteria. Schedule and notify employees and managers about review cycles. Monitor progress, provide feedback and track goal achievements.


  • Learning and Development:

Offer training programs, courses, and certifications within the software. Assign learning activities to employees, track their progress, and provide feedback. Encourage self-directed learning.


  • Feedback and Coaching:

Enable employees and managers to provide ongoing feedback and coaching. Utilize the software’s features for real-time feedback, peer recognition, and collaborative discussions.


  • Analytics and Reporting:

Leverage the reporting capabilities to gain insights into performance, engagement, and talent development. Generate reports on individual and team performance, training effectiveness, and succession planning.


  • Continuous Improvement:

Regularly review and assess the effectiveness of the software and talent management processes. Seek feedback from users and make necessary adjustments to optimize the system.

The global talent management software market size was valued at USD 8.14 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 20.59 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period.


Q4. What Are the Top 5 Competitors of Performly Talent Software?

Below are the most popular alternatives of Performly Talent software that are doing great in the market. So let’s have a look: 


1. Workday HCM:

Workday HCM is a comprehensive HR management system that covers a wide range of functionalities, including talent acquisition, performance management, compensation planning, and workforce planning. It offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing insights to support strategic decision-making.


2. BambooHR:

BambooHR is a cloud-based HR software that focuses on core HR functions such as employee onboarding, time-off management, and HR reporting. While it may not have the same depth of performance management features as Performly Talent, it is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.


3. Oracle HCM Cloud:

Oracle HCM Cloud is an integrated HR management suite that provides a complete solution for managing human capital. It offers modules for talent management, performance management, recruiting, and learning management. It is known for its scalability and flexibility, catering to the needs of both small and large organizations.


4. SAP SuccessFactors:

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HR solution that covers various HR processes, including performance management, goal management, succession planning, and learning management. It offers robust analytics capabilities and can be easily integrated with other SAP solutions for a unified HR experience. 


5. Cornerstone OnDemand:

Cornerstone OnDemand is an HR software platform that encompasses talent management, learning and development, performance management, and succession planning. It provides tools for aligning employee goals with organizational objectives, tracking performance, and offering continuous feedback.

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Q5.Why is Performly Talent So Popular? 

We have jotted down the reasons that make Performly Talent so popular. So let’s check out: 


  • Comprehensive Talent Management:

Performly Talent offers a range of features and functionalities to support various aspects of talent management, including performance management, goal setting, succession planning, learning and development, and employee feedback. Its comprehensive nature appeals to organizations looking for an all-in-one solution to effectively manage their talent.


  • Simplified HR Processes:

The software automates and centralizes many HR processes, reducing administrative burdens and eliminating the need for manual paperwork. It allows organizations to efficiently manage employee data, performance reviews, goal tracking, and learning initiatives from a single platform. This streamlines workflows saves time, and improves overall efficiency.


  • Performance Management Capabilities:

Performly Talent focuses on performance management, which is a critical aspect of managing and developing talent within an organization. It offers features such as performance evaluations, feedback and coaching, goal tracking, and performance analytics. This emphasis on performance management helps organizations align employee goals with business objectives, identify high performers, and drive continuous improvement.


  • Employee Development and Learning:

Performly Talent often includes features for employee development and learning initiatives. This can involve creating and managing individual development plans, tracking training and certifications, and offering personalized learning opportunities. By investing in employee growth and development, organizations can improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.


Q6. What is the Pricing of Performly Talent Software?

The pricing of Performly Talent software is from $1 – $4 per User/Month. However, users can use the free trial. Additionally, this software does not provide any free version. 

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Q7. What Are the Features of Performly Talent Software?

Here are seven features that are typically offered by performance management software platforms. However, you should hire software developers, if you want to include the below features in your software: 


  • Goal Setting and Alignment:

The software allows managers and employees to set individual and team goals that align with the organization’s objectives. It enables tracking progress, updating goals, and ensuring alignment across the organization.


  • Performance Reviews:

Performly Talent likely includes a feature that facilitates performance reviews and evaluations. This feature typically allows managers and employees to conduct regular performance assessments, provide feedback, and document performance discussions.


  • Competency and Skill Management:

The software may include functionality for defining and managing competencies and skills required for various roles within the organization. This can assist in evaluating employee performance based on desired competencies and identifying skill gaps for development.


  • Feedback and Coaching:

Performly Talent might offer a feature that enables ongoing feedback and coaching between managers and employees. It can provide a platform for continuous communication and dialogue to support employee growth and development. So if you want to integrate this feature into your software, you must take help from dedicated developers


  • Performance Analytics and Reporting:

The software likely includes analytics and reporting capabilities that provide insights into individual and team performance. It may offer visual dashboards, performance metrics, and data-driven reports to help managers make informed decisions and track performance trends.


  • Development Planning:

Performly Talent may have functionality for creating and managing individual development plans. This feature allows employees and managers to identify development needs, set learning objectives, and track progress toward skill enhancement and career growth.


Q8. What Are the Benefits of Performly Talent Software?

Here are some of the benefits typically associated with Performly Talent:


  • Streamlined Performance Management:

Performly Talent provides a structured framework for setting goals, tracking performance, and conducting regular performance reviews. It simplifies the performance management process by automating tasks like goal setting, feedback collection, and performance appraisal, saving time and reducing administrative burden.


  • Continuous Feedback and Coaching:

The software facilitates ongoing feedback and coaching conversations between managers and employees. It enables real-time feedback, allowing employees to receive timely guidance and support, leading to improved performance and development.


  • Skill Development and Learning Opportunities:

Performly Talent often includes features for creating individual development plans, identifying skill gaps, and tracking learning and training activities. It enables employees to access relevant learning resources and training programs, fostering continuous growth and professional development.


  • Succession Planning and Talent Pool Management:

The software helps organizations identify and nurture high-potential employees for future leadership positions. It provides tools for succession planning, talent mapping, and talent review discussions, enabling organizations to strategically plan for the future and ensure a strong pipeline of capable leaders.


  • Performance Analytics and Insights:

Performly Talent offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities that provide valuable insights into employee performance, skill gaps, development needs, and talent trends. These insights support data-driven decision-making and help organizations identify areas for improvement, optimize talent strategies, and align performance with business objectives.

The cloud-based segment is the largest segment of the talent management software market, but the on-premises segment is growing at a faster rate.


Q9. What Are the Drawbacks of Performly Talent Software? 

While it offers several benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks associated with the software. Here are a few commonly mentioned drawbacks of Performly Talent:


  • Complexity:

Some users find Performly Talent to be complex and difficult to navigate. The software may have a steep learning curve, especially for those who are not familiar with performance management software or have limited technical expertise. The complexity can lead to challenges in implementation and user adoption.


  • Customization Limitations:

While Performly Talent provides a range of features and functionalities, some users have reported limitations when it comes to customization. Organizations with unique performance management processes or specific requirements may find it challenging to tailor the software to fit their exact needs.


  • Lack of Integration:

Integration with other HR or business systems is crucial for seamless data flow and a unified employee experience. However, some users have reported that Performly Talent may have limited integration capabilities with other software systems, which can result in manual data entry or disjointed workflows.


  • Performance and Speed Issues:

In certain cases, users have experienced performance and speed issues with Performly Talent. These issues can affect user experience, productivity, and overall efficiency when working with the software.


  • Customer Support:

While customer support experiences can vary, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of support provided by Performly Talent. Delayed responses or limited assistance in resolving technical issues can be frustrating for users who rely on timely support.


  • Pricing:

The cost of Performly Talent can be a drawback for some organizations, especially smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets. The software’s pricing structure may not be suitable for all organizations, and additional costs may be incurred for certain features or customizations.


Q10 .How Does Performly Talent Software Make Money? 

As per a reputable software product development company, Performly Talent software make money in the following ways: 


  • Subscription Model:

One common approach is to offer Performly Talent as a subscription-based service. Organizations pay a recurring fee based on factors such as the number of users, the scope of features needed, and the duration of the contract. This model provides a steady stream of revenue for the software company.


  • Tiered Pricing:

Performly Talent may offer different pricing tiers or plans, each with varying levels of functionality and support. This allows organizations to choose a package that aligns with their specific needs and budget. Higher-tier plans usually come with additional features or advanced capabilities and are priced accordingly.


  • Customization and Implementation Services:

Talent management software companies often provide additional services such as system customization, integration with other software tools, and implementation support. These services may be offered at an extra cost to organizations that require tailored solutions or assistance during the setup and deployment of Performly Talent.


  • Training and Support:

To ensure successful adoption and optimal use of the software, Performly Talent may offer training programs, user guides, and customer support services. Organizations might be charged for premium support options or specialized training sessions beyond the basic level of assistance provided.

95% customer satisfaction: Performly Talent has a customer satisfaction rating of 95%.


Q11. How Much Does it Cost to Build Software Like Performly Talent? 

The cost to build software like Performly Talent can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the complexity of the features, the technology stack used, the development approach, and the development team’s location and rates. Building a comprehensive talent management software solution like Performly Talent typically involves the following components:

  • Requirement Analysis and Design
  • Front-end and Back-end Development
  • Integration
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and Infrastructure
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Considering these factors, it is challenging to provide an accurate estimate without detailed knowledge of your specific requirements. However, a rough cost estimation of Performly Talent software will be around $8000-$25000. 

It is recommended to consult with a software development company or agencies to get a more precise estimate based on your project scope and needs. They can evaluate your requirements and provide you with a cost estimate and timeline for building software similar to Performly Talent.