A/B testing has become a common practice. The problem is no longer finding the right A/B tool. The problem now is selecting the right tool. Google announced it would shut down Google Optimize by September 2023. This will put an end to the most popular A/B testing tool ever.

However, if you work in conversion optimization–whether at an agency, in-house, or as a consultant–you almost certainly run A/B tests, and Google Optimize Sunset will probably affect your tech stack. It’s not mandatory to hire developers to analyze and compare the pros and cons of each tool.

Instead, you can learn from others’ experiences and base your decision on theirs. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the best A/B test tools and corresponding reviews by A/B testers to assist you in making your decision.

List of 20 Best AB Testing Software

1. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free mobile ab testing and personalization tool from Google that allows users to run and create experiments on their websites. Easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, allowing for detailed analysis and reporting.

Google Optimize allows you to create and test different variations of web pages and user interfaces. You can also test content and determine which version performs best regarding engagement and conversions.

The tool also provides targeting and segmentation features to deliver personalized content to specific audiences. Google Optimize is perfect for small and large companies who want to start AB testing or are looking for a simple solution.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
20.99$/Month Yes 90  Days Yes 4.8 Yes

2. Optimizely

Optimizely, an AB test software, allows businesses to optimize and experiment with their website or mobile app to increase conversions, engagement, and the overall user experience.

Users can create and modify their experiments using a visual editor without knowing any coding. It offers businesses advanced targeting capabilities to personalize experiences for specific audiences. Optimizely integrates into various platforms and tools, such as analytics, CRM, and marketing automation. Additionally, if you want to develop software like Optimizely, then you must hire software developers.

This gives users a comprehensive view of their optimization activities. It also offers enterprise-level compliance and security features, which makes it an ideal choice for large companies with strict privacy and data security requirements.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
20.99$/Month No 7 Days Yes 4.5 Yes

3. VWO

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a software for AB testing that helps you optimize your website to improve conversion rates. The software offers many testing options, including A/B, multivariate, and split URL tests. VWO allows you to conduct user research, track user behavior and gain insight into the user’s behavior.

With a drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create and customize tests without requiring technical expertise. VWO offers integrations with marketing tools such as Google Analytics or Salesforce. This makes it simple to integrate your test results into your marketing strategy.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
31.49$/Month No 7 Days Yes 4.4 Yes

4. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is an enterprise-grade ab testing for mobile software that allows businesses to test, personalize, and test content, offers, and experiences across multiple channels, including web, mobile email, and advertising.

The software uses AI and machine-learning algorithms to deliver personalized experiences based on user behavior and preferences. Businesses can optimize their customer engagement and conversion rate by utilizing this software.

Adobe Target offers a visual interface to create and launch tests and personalization campaigns and also provides advanced targeting capabilities such as geolocation, weather targeting, and device targeting.

Adobe Experience Cloud is also integrated with the software, which allows businesses to use customer data and insights provided by other Adobe tools such as Adobe Analytics or Adobe Audience Manager.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
9.00$/Month No 30 Days Yes 4.4 Yes

AB Tasty

5. AB Tasty

AB Tasty offers a comprehensive and user-friendly AB testing solution that helps businesses optimize conversions on their mobile apps and websites. AB Tasty allows users to create and run A/B, split, and multivariate tests, as well as personalization campaigns. Users can make website changes using the platform’s intuitive visual editor, which does not require coding skills.

AB Tasty offers advanced segmentation and targeting features such as geolocation and device type to provide visitors with personalized experiences. The platform also provides real-time analysis to track key metrics and measure the success of the tests. AB Tasty provides a flexible and powerful AB testing solution for all businesses.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
12.00$/Month No 3 Days Yes 4.2 yes

6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a tool for AB testing, heatmap analysis, and website conversion rate improvement. Tracking visitors’ clicks, scrolls, and movements provides detailed insight into how they interact with a site. This information allows users to identify the areas of a site that cause confusion or frustration and then test different versions of these pages to see which performs best.

Crazy Egg offers A/B test capabilities that allow users to experiment with various webpage variations to determine which leads to higher conversion rates. Crazy Egg is an excellent tool for optimizing a website’s performance and improving user experience.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
9.99$/Month Yes 30 Days Yes 4.3 yes

7. Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer, a platform for customer engagement, offers a range of optimization tools, including mobile app a/b testing, heatmaps, and conversion funnels. It also allows you to replay sessions.

Businesses can use Freshmarketer to test variations of their app or website and track their impact on key metrics and conversion rates. It also offers heat maps to visualize where users click and scroll on a site, along with conversion funnels that help identify where users drop off.

Businesses can view recordings of sessions from users to understand their behavior better and identify areas that need improvement. Freshmarketer has different pricing plans depending on the monthly visitors to a website or an app.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
9.99$ No 14 Days Yes 4.3 Yes

8. Kameleoon

Kameleoon, an AI-powered AB test, and personalization tool, helps optimize the user experience of a website and its conversion rate. Kameleoon allows users to run experiments easily and test different website versions while tracking key metrics like click-through and conversion rates.

The custom software development company uses machine-learning algorithms to customize the user experience based on behavior, location, and device. Kameleoon offers real-time analysis and reporting, which allows businesses to act quickly on the insights they gain from their experiments. Kameleoon offers a simple interface and integrates with other platforms and tools like Google Analytics.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
49.99$ No 10 Days Yes 4.1 Yes

9. Convert.com

Convert.com, a powerful AB-testing and personalization tool, allows businesses to optimize their marketing and website strategies. You can easily create variations of your website pages, test them and see which performs best. It also offers various targeting options, including device-based, geolocation, and behavior-based. This allows you to deliver individualized experiences to your customers.

Convert.com integrates with third-party software like Google Analytics and HubSpot. This allows you to use your existing technology stack. Convert.com’s flexible pricing and outstanding support make it an excellent choice for companies of any size looking to improve their web presence.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
34.95$/Month No 15 Days Yes 4.2 Yes

10. Maxymizely

Maxymizely, an AI-powered a/b testing for mobile apps, allows businesses to run experiments and create tests on their mobile app, website, or email campaigns. It uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to provide insights for optimization that can lead to increased conversion rates, revenue, and customer engagement.

Maxymizely has many features, including drag-and-drop experiment creation, segmentation, personalization, real-time analysis, and integrations to popular marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and HubSpot.

The platform supports multi-armed testing, which allows faster and more efficient experiments by automatically allocating visitors to the most effective variation.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Free Yes Yes Yes 4.4 Yes

11. Unbounce

Unbounce, the powerful software for creating landing pages and AB tests, helps companies create and test landing pages that convert well. Unbounce’s drag-and-drop interface allows marketers to build custom landing pages without coding experience.

Unbounce has several features, including A/B Testing, dynamic text replacements, pop-ups, sticky bars, and an AI-powered optimization engine that automatically adjusts landing pages to improve performance. It integrates with popular tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, and HubSpot.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
11.50$/Month No Yes Yes 4.3 Yes

12. Qubit

Qubit is a powerful AB testing software and personalization tool that allows businesses to improve the performance of their websites and increase customer engagement. Qubit allows users to easily create and launch different experiments to test variations of website pages and content.

The intuitive visual editor allows users to easily make changes and create experiments without needing coding knowledge. Qubit offers advanced personalization tools that allow businesses to provide targeted experiences based on visitor behavior and preferences. Machine learning algorithms optimize the user’s experience to improve results.

Qubit also provides users with detailed analytics and reporting tools that help them monitor the performance of their experiments and track the impact on business metrics.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Free No 7 Days Yes 4.1 Yes


13. Monetate

Monetate, an AB-testing software, helps you customize your website or mobile app based on customers’ behavior and preferences. Monetate allows you to create a targeted experience for your visitors. You can do this by experimenting with different versions of the pages on your website or your email campaigns and then measuring the results.

It provides real-time segmentation and optimization capabilities, which can improve engagement, revenue and conversion rates. Monetate offers analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track the results of your campaigns and tests. It can be integrated with other platforms and marketing tools such as CRMs, email marketing and analytics tools.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$49/year Yes 15 Days Yes 4.4 Yes

14. Evergage

Evergage, an AI-powered platform for personalization and data collection on customers and website visitors, allows businesses to provide a personalized experience to their website visitors and clients.

Evergage allows businesses to track customer behavior on multiple channels, including mobile apps, websites, email, and more. This data can then be used to personalize experiences and interactions in real-time.

This software uses machine-learning algorithms to identify patterns of customer behavior and preferences. Based on this data, it then provides personalized content, offers, and recommendations to each customer. This increases customer engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
4.99$/Month Yes 7 – 14 Days Yes 4.1 Yes

15. SiteSpect

SiteSpect, an enterprise-grade ab test mobile app, is designed for businesses with high-traffic mobile apps or websites. It allows businesses to experiment and optimize digital experiences across multiple channels, including web, mobile, and IoT devices.

SiteSpect is a flexible framework for testing that allows users to create experiments and launch them without the need for IT support. It offers advanced targeting features, including segmenting users by behavior, demographics, and location.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
9.99$/Month Yes 7 Days Yes 4.5 Yes

16. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is a personalization platform and AB test tool that allows businesses to customize their digital experiences for individual customers. The platform allows businesses to personalize and optimize their digital channels, including websites, mobile applications, email campaigns, and other digital channels, in real-time, based on user behavior and contextual information.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms that are advanced to segment users and predict their preferences. It then delivers personalized content and recommends recommendations.

Dynamic Yield offers tools to conduct AB tests, server-side tests, and multivariate tests in order to optimize conversion rates and test different design and messaging elements. The software is compatible with various third-party platforms and tools, such as analytics, marketing automation, and CRM systems.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
79.99$ No 30 Days Yes 4.5 Yes

17. Sentient Ascend

Sentient Ascend is an AI-powered AB Testing platform that uses genetic algorithms to optimize website design. The software tests different variations of your web pages and determines which one is most effective based on engagement and conversion rates.

The software uses an innovative approach to “evolve” web pages, creating new combinations of elements to determine the most effective version. AI algorithms adapt and learn from user behavior in real time, allowing them to optimize results. Sentient Ascend allows you to perform large-scale experiments and multivariate testing in order to optimize the conversion rate of your website.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
9.00$/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.1 Yes

18. Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize is one of the a / b testing tools, personalization, and conversion optimization that helps improve the user experience on a website and increase conversions. Users can launch A/B and multivariate tests and personalization campaigns using the easy-to-use editor without needing coding knowledge.

The platform also includes AI-powered optimization tools that adjust website elements automatically based on the user’s behavior. This provides a seamless, personalized experience. Webtrends Optimize provides users with detailed analytics to understand their campaigns and tests’ impact on their business goals.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
4.99$/Month No 15 Days Yes 4.5 yes

19. Zarget

Zarget is a conversion rate optimization software (CRO) that allows businesses to optimize website conversions using AB testing, funnel analysis, and heatmaps. Businesses can use Zarget to test different variations of their web design, layout, and content to determine which version performs best and then make data-driven choices to improve conversion rates.

Zarget offers heatmaps for analyzing user behavior and funnel analyses to determine where visitors drop off during conversion. Zarget offered a flexible pricing plan based on visitor numbers and required features.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
29.99$/Month Yes 7 Days Yes 4.1 Yes

20. Convertize

Convertize is a website optimization platform that provides A/B testing tools to help businesses improve their conversion rates. A/B testing, also known as split testing, involves comparing two versions of a webpage or app to see which performs better in user engagement and conversion.

With Convertize, businesses can easily create and run A/B tests without coding knowledge. The platform offers a visual editor allowing users to make website changes without altering the code. Convertize also offers a variety of templates that users can choose from to create their A/B tests quickly.

Once an A/B test is created, Convertize tracks user behavior and provides detailed analytics to help users understand how their variations perform. This data can then be used to make informed decisions about which version of a webpage or app to use.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
9.99$/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.2 Yes


A/B testing is essential for a website that wants to achieve great conversions. You may be satisfied with your current conversions, but A/B tests can increase them. These 20 tools are tried and tested. Choose the tool that best suits your needs and budget, and your conversions will increase over time.