The idea of establishing a church was to create a society that would be able to prove its value by following the footsteps of Jesus Christ and serving humanity in accordance with the holy book.

With the passing of time, the church has become more important in building community. The church is not only a place for worship but a center of activities in the community.

Church Management Software can be found on the market to help the community stay in touch with their future plans. Users’ responses can be used to measure the effectiveness of software for Church Management.

The following is a top 20 list of Church Management Software that will help you build a stronger community.


List of 20 Best Church Management Software in 2023

1. Churchtrac

ChurchTrac is a Church Management Software that offers features such as attendance tracking, member tracking, volunteer scheduling, and donation tracking. It helps churches run their business more efficiently.

It is only available to active members of an organization. The software records and organizes information as it welcomes visitors and prospective new members. This feature allows you to group members and non-members into Smart Lists that can be customized.

The financial management tool of the solution, on the other hand, allows you to create, manage and track financial tasks for your church, such as budgets, payrolls, and church accounts. It can print W2 reports and import transaction details. This feature allows churches to track funds disbursements.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$6.00/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.8 Yes

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24, a free software for church management, is designed to be used by organizations with limited resources. You can integrate your church’s system with social media channels in order to easily spread the word. Bitrix24 is free for an unlimited number of. Over 35 management tools are available to help you run your church effectively.

Bitrix24’s member management features are one of its key features. It allows churches to keep a central database of members including contact details, attendance records, and membership status. It simplifies the tracking and updating of member data. It is easier to stay in touch with your congregation and communicate.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Yes Yes Yes 4.2 Yes

3., a church-giving solution, is designed to improve member engagement and encourage congregations to give more. The software allows religious organizations to create their own church app that can be used for donations and pledges through digital technology. This includes text messages, online portals, and kiosks.

The platform allows churches to create invoices and statements of accounts. Donors receive automatic email confirmations after every transaction. They can then track their gift-giving with the solution. The solution allows them to access their history and see the amount they have given to an organization.

Cloud transfer technology ensures that every transaction is secure, and does not require an account number or routing number. This feature simplifies the process of giving and is secure.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor
Yes Yes Yes 4.7 Yes

4. Subsplash

Subsplash, an all-in-one Church Management Software, handles everything, including website creation, live streaming, and social groups. It also manages events, volunteers, giving processes, messaging, and volunteer management.

The focus is on creating great mobile and media experiences through branded apps, curation of content, and hosting audio/video content. Subsplash allows media-savvy churches to reach their congregations wherever they are: their smartphones and smart devices. You can upload podcasts, videos, and blog posts.

Subsplash, a mobile media company that offers a wide range of services, is notable for its ability to “do everything”. These feature-packed ChMs are able to serve all users, from new plants to multi-site churches.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Yes No Yes 4.5 Yes


5. Elvanto

Elvanto, a cloud-based all-in-one solution with many features that are innovative, is a comprehensive solution. Elvanto has many features that are vital to children and youth leaders. These include child check-ins, privacy, and safety.

Elvanto offers a comprehensive range of tools without any additional modules or charges. Mobile apps, event management, and customizable reports are among the most important features.

Elvanto simplifies the process of planning worship services and managing volunteers. You can create and manage run sheets as well as access song lyrics, chords, and volunteers. Drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly create service plans for your team. So if you want to design a drag-and-drop interface in your app, then you must take support from dedicated developers.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$72.00/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.5 yes


The church management software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.41% during 2021-2025.


6. Breeze

Breeze is a web-based, easy-to-use church management system. It was designed for small to medium-sized churches. Breeze allows you to easily add data, send bulk emails and texts, track attendance, check in kids securely, process donations online or by text message, and more. Breeze does not require a contract or an initial setup fee. It also offers a data-migration service to help you get started quickly.

You can also import data when you switch over. If you do not have the knowledge, they will be able to help you.

Users can track donations from members and guests. This feature allows donors to monitor their contributions and generate reports based on the donor’s history of giving. Users can update custom fields, and also import data.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$10.00/Month No Yes Yes 4.5 yes

7. CHmeetings

CHmeetings, a powerful system for managing churches, is designed to work with all denominations and sizes of churches. Manage church membership, groups, and events. Follow-ups, broadcasts, and follow-ups are all easily managed.

CHmeetings allows you to do everything online. You can view and edit attendance data, create registration forms, and see who has already done so. The app makes it easy for members and leaders to check-in. You can offer your members a simple way to manage online giving, event fees, and financial reports.

This platform also facilitates event management through its Meeting Management Tool. The platform has options for attendance tracking and reporting progress, so it’s easy to stay on top of what happens at every meeting. It also features a texting tool that allows users to communicate within the platform.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$10.00/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.8 Yes

8. Planning Center

Planning Center is an online church management tool that provides a number of tools to manage various aspects of church operations, including scheduling volunteers, organizing church services, tracking attendance, and collecting donations.

The software includes integrated applications for tasks like check-ins and giving. It also covers groups, people, and registrations. The Music Stand app is available for Android and iOS, giving churches a place to store sheet music. It also allows audio to be played.

Two of these features stand out. The Giving App from Planning Center allows donors to make online donations with ease. It is accurate and fast. The Group Management Tool, on the contrary, allows for easier group registration and listing and also helps with attendance tracking. It ensures that members are always aware of important announcements.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Free No Yes Yes 4.7 Yes

9. FellowshipOne

The tools in FellowshipOne’s Church Management Software suite allow for easy access and automated management of members’ data. You can quickly assimilate visitors and reduce your staff’s workload. Through a central online environment, members can update and access their own data.

They can also stay connected with the community. FellowshipOne provides event management for planning events, managing resources, sending invitations, and tracking registration. FellowshipOne will help you to create a website that is SEO-friendly to make it more visible online. You can choose from a variety of templates to get your website online quickly.

The software’s online giving feature allows users to manage contributions and donations. This feature allows users to create customizable online giving pages, automating the entire donation and giving management process.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$20.00 One Time
No No Yes 3.4 Yes

10. EasyWorship

EasyWorship is a church media service that helps ministers create creative presentations to be used in sermons, church messages, and other activities. It has powerful tools such as fonts, presentation slides, and themes that can improve church presentations. Users can have greater control over graphics features such as text outlines and shadows.

EasyWorship is a very user-friendly software that allows church staff and leaders to create media with a professional look. easy worship’s interface is easy to navigate, and it only takes a few mouse clicks to get the tools you need at any given time. The sharing of files within a network allows for collaboration among users. The administration control makes sure that all users are not able to view or retrieve files.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$18.00/Month No Yes Yes 4.6 Yes


Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. – Martin Fowler

11. easyTithe

easyTithe, a flexible and powerful online giving platform, makes giving to churches much easier for donors as well as churches. It improves church giving by offering different payment options to members. The tool also helps with recurring giving by avoiding the need to repeat the process each time.

The flexibility and customization that the platform offers make it unique. This allows for portals that reflect the individual brands of users. This is a great way to give customers a richer experience. Security is assured by the fact that all transactions take place on secure servers. The tool also meets all banking regulations due to its PCI DSS compliance.

easyTithe’s scalability allows it to grow with the congregation. The software’s ability to support multiple campuses allows users to group pledges and donations for different projects. The software can be accessed by an unlimited number of staff, members, and volunteers.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$49.00/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.1 Yes

12. TouchPoint

TouchPoint, a cloud-based Church Management Software solution, is designed for church administrators and leaders of medium-sized to large churches who are looking for a ChMS that is both off-the-shelf and highly customizable.

TouchPoint offers a feature that allows you to stay in touch with your donors. Touchpoint’s mobile app, which is customizable, can also help you better manage your church. The app has a feature that allows members to self-check in at events.

The mobile app allows church leaders to create sermon notes that they can refer to during services. Touchpoint’s app allows church members to review their giving history.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$2000.00/Year Yes Yes Yes 4.3 Yes

13. Blackbaud

Blackbaud Church Management Software, a cloud-based software, allows you to manage all of your church’s people, gifts, and events in one location.

With a single data source, you can better understand your congregation’s engagement with your church. Connected Financial Management, Payments, & More on One Digital Platform Connected giving apps simplify tithes, online giving, and other giving methods for your congregation.

Blackbaud can be used to plan and execute successful church fundraisers. Blackbaud can be used to communicate with your team to help you plan events. Blackbaud allows you to monitor the progress of your team on their tasks so that you can provide assistance when needed. Blackbaud can be used to create reports on your fundraising campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor
No No Yes 4.2 Yes

14. Excellerate Church Management Software

Excellerate Church Management Software offers a flexible and comprehensive solution for your church’s needs. This includes membership management, follow-up of visitors, small groups, and fundraising, as well as child check-in, volunteer scheduling, and more.

You can monitor your church’s growth and development plans to maintain it by developing software like Excellerate church management software with the assistance of software developers.  It can be used to create church directories that will help you to connect with your members. 

It can be used to track a donation, pledge, or contribution, for accounting and record-keeping purposes. Excellerate allows you to send follow-ups so that you can invite prospects to events or schedule visits. Excellerate allows you to gauge the success of your conversions so that you can improve methods and attract more members.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$49.00/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.9 Yes


What are Top Factors of Modern Software Development?


15. ChurchWindows

ChurchWindows offers a complete solution for church management. It has all the features that a church could need. You can choose only the features that you want, so you won’t have to pay for any you will not use. If you need only a system for managing donations, you can pay less and only get that. The total number of modules is four. Membership/Scheduler, Donations, Accounting, and Payroll. You can choose from one, two, or three of these options.

ChurchWindows allows church administrators to easily update and manage member information, track donations, tithes, and attendance, as well as organize church activities and events. The software offers tools to generate reports and analyze data. This helps churches make informed decisions and gain insight into their operations. ChurchWindows also offers integrated accounting functionality, which allows churches to keep track of their finances and budgets.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$19.00/Month No Yes Yes 4.3 Yes

16.  Shelby Systems

Shelby Systems, a leading provider in church management software, offers comprehensive solutions that streamline and improve various aspects of the church’s operations. Shelby Systems’ robust software suite allows churches of any size to manage their membership databases, track donations, organize events, and facilitate communication.

Shelby Systems’ member management module is one of its key features. This module allows churches to create detailed profiles for their members. These include contact information, family relations, attendance records, and ministry involvement. This module allows easy reporting and searching, making it possible to easily access relevant information about individuals within the congregation.

Shelby Systems also offers a powerful system for financial management. The software allows churches to easily track and record donations, create giving statements and manage their budgets. The software offers tools to analyze financial data and ensure transparency in church finances.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$449.00/Month No No Yes 4.0 Yes

17. Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper, a church member and volunteer manager suite, is designed for large churches and other religious organizations. This tool allows churches to communicate with members, track attendance and determine the skills of their members. 

The information from new members, such as phone numbers, addresses, and last names, is automatically collected. These data can be edited if necessary to highlight differences in data for families. It is possible to customize the software according to the requirements of a church.

Visitors are automatically removed from all member-only marketing materials, such as emails and mailings. For whatever reason they may need to be added to such lists, their status can be changed to that of a member.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
No No Yes 4.6 Yes

18. Elexio

Elexio Church Management Software provides a powerful and comprehensive tool to enhance and streamline administrative and operational processes in a church. Elexio’s intuitive interface and wide range of features allow churches to centrally manage their various operations including event planning, communication, membership, attendance tracking, and contributions.

Elexio’s robust system for managing memberships is one of its key features. This system allows churches to maintain and organize detailed records about their members. These include personal information, contact details, and family relationships as well as involvement in different ministries and groups. This feature allows church administrators and leaders to update and access member information easily, ensuring personalized engagement and effective communication.

Elexio offers churches the ability to track and analyze attendance for various services and events. By tracking attendance efficiently, church leaders gain insight into their congregation’s engagement and can make informed decisions about outreach and discipleship.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Yes Yes Yes 4.7 yes



Church Management Software


19. ChurchSuite   

ChurchSuite is a powerful Church Management Software that will help you expand your community. The connected form helps in integrating newcomers. This software allows you to plan church events, manage volunteers and even receive online donations. You can receive donations online. This system protects member data with the help of efficient data protection technologies.

ChurchSuite offers a wide range of features that streamline and improve various aspects of the church administration. ChurchSuite allows churches to manage their member databases, event planning, communication tools, and attendance tracking.

It allows churches to keep accurate records about their congregations, including contact information, personal details, and involvement in different ministries. Hire professionals for church management software development also allows churches to track attendance. By users can keep a record of who attended services and events. ChurchSuite’s communication tools allow churches to communicate with their members via email, SMS, or online messaging.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
No Yes Yes 4.8 Yes

20. Rock RMS

Rock RMS is an integrated Church Management Software designed to enhance and streamline various administrative processes in a church or religious organization. Rock RMS’s robust features and easy-to-use interface empower churches to manage member data efficiently, track donations, organize events, and communicate effectively with the congregation.

This software creates a central database that allows churches to store and access data about their members. These include contact details, attendance records, and participation in different ministries and groups. Rock RMS also offers powerful tools to facilitate online donations, which allows churches to accept them securely and conveniently.

The software also allows for event registration and planning, which makes it easier to promote and coordinate events. Rock RMS also includes communication tools such as text and email messaging that allow churches to communicate with their members.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Yes Yes Yes 4.9 Yes


Try any software if you want to convert your manual church system to an automated or digital system. They can reduce the burden of management and organization to a large extent. If you want to have the best service, you may want to look into the best software for church management.

Now that you know multiple church management software, you surely want to know software development costs. For this, you can hire a software development company that can give an immense overview of the cost.