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On Demand Flower Delivery App Development

The flower delivery business is witnessing enormous growth as soon as they enter the market. The on-demand flower delivery solutions provided by our platform are powered with supreme quality and highly crafted features and other advanced amenities through which the business platforms and other service providers can scale up instantly.

Here you can be taking your flower shop online today with the florist app development. Our flower-delivery solutions are specially designed to maintain and organize the service providers as well as customers’ requirements in priority. Also, we have inculcated unique and imaginative designs for our flower delivery services.

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Flower Delivery App Development

Gifting flowers is the best way to express feelings. Although it is an old tradition, it will remain forever. Due to the evolution of technology now, there is no need to go and find a good florist for desired flowers. Now, the flowers can be chosen to be delivered at some desired address with the help of a fine flower delivery mobile app. From the data point of view, the online flower shop market size will be $5.3 billion in 2022, and the growth will be 2.8% more than in previous years.

If you plan for on-demand flower delivery app development, we can help you best with our experienced PHP app developers. The app will help you to engage your existing customers and reach potential customers. We can assure you the best experience of flower app development for your business using the latest tech stack.

Get Access To On Demand Flower Delivery Apps Like

Immerse yourself in a fragrant world of convenience and delight with our revolutionary on-demand flower delivery app. Blossoming from the expertise of our dedicated on-demand flower delivery app development company, we present a virtual garden at your fingertips. Embrace the magic of instant flower delivery, customized arrangements, and seamless user experience. Unlock the door to floral bliss and elevate your gifting game with our captivating app. Unleash the petals of possibility today!

App Like 1800 Flowers

App Like 1800 Flowers

Ready to bloom in the digital age? We specialize in crafting exquisite on-demand flower delivery apps that rival the success of industry giants like 1800 Flowers. From seamless ordering to swift deliveries, our expert team will transform your vision into a captivating reality. Embrace the floral revolution and captivate customers with your exceptional app.

Apps Like Floom

App Like Floom

Yearning to blossom in the on-demand flower delivery market? Look no further! Our team of skilled developers is here to transform your aspirations into reality. With a focus on delivering a user experience akin to Floom, we'll create an enchanting on-demand flower delivery app that captivates customers and blooms your business to new heights.

Apps Like Flowwow

App Like Flowwow

Ready to flourish in the world of on-demand flower delivery? Our team of innovative developers is here to make your dreams come true. Harnessing the essence of Flowwow, we'll craft a captivating on-demand flower delivery app that mesmerizes users and brings your floral business to the forefront of the industry.

On-Demand Flower Delivery App Development: The Pivotal Features

  • Customer App
  • Delivery Agent App
  • Store Manager App
  • Admin Panel

Customer App

  • Sign Up

    A customer account can be set up using an e-mail or phone number or social media login. It is a very easy process to sign-up on the flower delivery app.

  • Search Filter

    For orders, users can apply various filter that includes flower category, location, quantity, flower colour and many more.

  • Order Tracking

    Users can track orders in real-time.

  • Geolocation

    The customers can tag the pickup and delivery location in real-time.

  • Favorites

    Setting favorites is very simple. In addition, it allows the customers to order their favourite flower in a blink.

  • Payments

    It comes up with various payment options such as net banking, credit card, and debit card, including mobile wallet.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Users can easily rate the delivery and flower courier service provider.

Delivery Agent App

  • Sign-Up

    The delivery boys can sign-up on the app via multiple options such as e-mail id, phone number. In addition, they also need to enter their social security number for authenticity.

  • Profile

    It allows the agents to create and maintain their profiles to update their e-mail id, phone number, alternate contact, and other details.

  • Route Navigation

    The empowered navigation feature helps to reach the delivery at the exact location.

  • Delivery Status Update

    Once the job is finished, they update the status to the store owner and customers.

  • Toggle Availability

    The availability status of a delivery boy can be toggled from available to not available and vice-versa.

Store Manager App

  • Customer Management

    The store manager can manage the customer data like their preference and essential details such as address, name and contact number. It also allows serving the request.

  • Order History

    It facilitates the store owners to track the order history such as completed orders, pending orders, delayed orders, generated invoices and many others.

  • Staff Management

    For the store owners, it is such an easy task to manage the details of office staff, including delivery personals.

  • Stock Maintenance

    The managers can uninterruptedly manage the stocks where they have each detail handy with them.

  • Analytics

    It is one of the magnificent features of the on-demand flower delivery app that allows store managers to analyze the data for making strategic decisions.

  • Delivery Tracking

    Admin can track the delivery status and real-time location of the delivery boy within seconds.

Admin Panel

  • Vendor Management

    One of the most powerful features of an Uber-like flower delivery app empowers the admin for vendor management. Details can be managed quite simply.

  • Gallery Management

    The admin can add or remove the images and details in the product gallery section.

  • Product List

    It is very easy to update the product list, including the price and specification.

  • Push Notifications

    The admin can send push notifications to the vendors, customers and delivery staff to stay updated about the latest information.

  • Coupon & Offers

    Via admin panel of flower delivery app coupons and offers can be generated.

  • Ads Management

    The app admin can create ads using the tools available at the app panel to attract customers.

Uber-Like Flower Delivery App Demo

This app demo will help you learn more about the working of the flower app. While going through the demo, you can also decide what other features you can include in your app.

How Does It Work?

For expressing feelings, flowers are the best option. Anyone can use the flower app to send bouquets to their loved ones. On the other hand, it is also the best option for flower business owners and people who want to earn from the Uber-like flower delivery app. The following points represent that how it works.

  • 1

    App Sign-in

    The user can sign in easily on the demand flower app. It includes login via contact number, Gmail, and social media id.

  • 2

    Browse Flower Store

    An on-demand flower app allows users to find the flowers of their choice. On the other hand, flower store owners upload images of flowers with details such as quality and quantity.

  • 3

    Add To Cart

    A well-crafted cart feature facilitates the users to add their orders and pay accordingly.

  • 4

    Multiple Payment Modes

    Users can pay as per their choices, like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, or mobile wallet.

  • 5

    Track The Bouquet

    Once the order and payment are made, the user can track their package smoothly.

  • 6

    Rate & Review

    Customers can rate and review the services so others can take them as references.

Complete Range of Flower Delivery App Development Solutions

You will find a complete range of flower delivery app development solutions that can match your business requirements with us. Our team of experienced app developers will help you to transform your flower delivery idea into a real-time working, feature-rich and fully functional app. Flower delivery app solutions by Dev Technosys contains the following core parts-

App for Users

It will be a fantastically built app panel for users to do sign-up, apply search filters for flower ordering, order tracking, pinning delivery location, set favourites, payments, and many other options that make the app perfect.

App for Vendors

This segment helps vendors and store owners to manage their work via an app such as registration, profile management, route navigation, inventory management, delivery status update, availability toggle and several other features.

Admin Panel

Your flower delivery app will come with the most powerful dashboard that facilitates the admin or app owners to manage overall user and vendor activities, gallery management, product list, push notifications, coupon & offers, ad management and other tasks.

Including core parts, we can also develop the following solutions for you-

On-Demand Flower Delivery App
On-Demand Flower Delivery App
Florist App Development
Florist App Development
Bouquet Delivery App Development
Bouquet Delivery App Development
Online Flower Shop App Development
Online Flower Shop App Development
Online Flower And Bouquet Marketplace
Online Flower And Bouquet Marketplace
Flower And Bouquet Chain App
Flower And Bouquet Chain App
Bouquet Store App Development
Bouquet Store App Development
Uber Like Flower Delivery App
Uber Like Flower Delivery App
Including developing the above flower delivery solutions, another speciality is developing customized flower app development. We can develop the app based on your business’s custom requirements so you can leverage it for a growth boost.
florist app development

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Flower Delivery App Development Services

Being a leading flower delivery app development services provider- Dev Technosys, we take care of each aspect that makes flower delivery applications excellent for use by customers, businesses owners and delivery staff. We specialize in developing a user-friendly platform to provide the best experience of mobile app development. With us, you will have the advantages such as a multilingual app, instant booking, fine touched UI/UX, customization and many more for having a better experience of flower delivery software.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

  • Nike
  • Handy
  • Whirlpool
  • Rak Ceramics
  • pfizer
  • Dev Technosys

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Bloom & Wild- Flower Delivery Application

Bloom & Wild are delighted to now offer letterbox gifts, luxury hand-tied bouquets, and much, much more. Use our phone and ipad flower delivery app to send flowers or letterbox gifts and enjoy 10% off your first app order with code APP....
on-demand flower delivery solutions

Progressive Web App

Send the freshest flowers sourced directly from farms. Working directly with premiuk growers, shortning the distance from these growers to our customers, and delivering fresh flowers right to the doorstep seemed logistically impossible....
on-demand flower delivery solutions

Flower App Development Cost Estimation

As a foremost on-demand app development company, we believe in delivering high-quality solutions with cost-effectiveness so any startup or new originated business can leverage it for further growth. From the flower app cost estimation point of view, the following are key factors that decide the cost of the app.

Florist App Platform


Most of the apps are being developed by focusing on two platforms in mind due to the users, which are Android iOS. The cost differs when it comes to developing a platform-oriented flower delivery app. For targeting both platforms' customers, cross-platform app development will work fine.

Flower delivery app UI/UX Components

UI/UX Components

UI/UX components are must require for better user experience and engagement. From the flower app development point of view, fine UI/UX designing and development remains a little costlier.

Flower Delivery App Features


For every app, features are important and these work like the soul of the apps. Usually, it depends on the features that a user will like the app or not. In simpler terms, spending on the feature is not an expenditure; it adds worth to the app.

Flower Delivery App Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Spending on the tech stack is a worthy investment. Developing a robust app using an appropriate tech stack is essential. The paid tools for frontend & backend development tools ensure the app's satisfactory functioning and quality.

Flower Delivery App Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs

Third-party APIs improve apps' functionality and support the app with pre-developed features. It includes a payment gateway, chat API, push notifications and many others. Integrating it also required some costs that influence the overall development cost.

Flower Delivery App Testing

App Testing

App testing stands for eliminating the discrepancy found while putting the developed app in different test cases. Some tools are also being used for it, which requires a portion of the amount, contributing to the overall cost.

Flower Delivery App Security

App Security

Several cyber threats exist in the network, and refraining apps from these are quite challenging. Implementing protocols like GDPR is compulsory for the protection of the data. It also shares some portion of the cost.

Flower Delivery App Hosting & Storage

App Hosting & Storage

For catering to customers' demand and providing the best experience of flower delivery app development, fine hosting & storage works excellent. Most apps are cloud-based due to several advantages, although the cost is also associated.

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Why Choose Us For Flower Delivery App Solutions?

The service providers can venture into our incredible on-demand flower delivery services and scale up their requirements or business as per their desire. At Dev Technosys, we build and create custom-tailored applications suitable for every flower delivery service.


App For The Customer

In this segment, we have included some helpful features for our customers. Here they can easily, and with advanced search options they can book for the flower delivery schedules can access our best services easily.


App For A Flower Shop

We have custom solutions for florists where they can access our platform and manage their information regarding the client data. The shop owners can manage their flower lists and accept or reject the requests.


App For A Delivery Agent

At Dev Technosys, the delivery agents are also facilitated with easy to register and popup notification features. The integrated in-app solutions and other navigation facilities enable them to deliver the services on time without compromising.


Admin Dashboard

With our On-demand flower delivery app solutions, we have enough to offer the admins. This involves managing the flower service providers, delivery persons, payments management, review, ratings, notifications, and many others.


Analytics And Reporting

It is one of the most remarkable segments of a flower delivery app. We provide enough customization options to the admins to download the business performance status. They also remain informed of the latest features through analytics and reports.


Accurate Descriptions

It is one of the most remarkable segments of a flower delivery app. We provide enough customization options to the admins to download the business performance status. They also remain informed of the latest features through analytics and reports.

Benefits of Using Our On-Demand Flower Delivery App Clone Services

  • User-friendly

    We offer user-friendly a platform to our customers and service providers so that each and everyone can easily access it. Also, it is quite convenient for everyone to register themselves on our platform and make the orders without worrying much about the follow-up.

  • Multilingual

    This is one of the significant advantages offered at Dev Technosys where people from every intellect can easily access our services. We have a multilingual and multi-currency platform because we do not intend the language barrier of the currency to stand between us and the customers.

  • Instant booking

    Customers do not have to wait for long hours to receive the confirmation as we provide them instant booking platform. It is easy to schedule a comfortable time to get those fragrant flowers at your doorsteps and you can proceed with the payment as per your desire.

  • Attractive design

    The sports betting mobile app that our developers create comes with a user-friendly, engaging user interface for the overall ease of use by the end-users.

  • Real-time tracking

    Just like other on-demand app services our Flower Delivery Application development app services are also laced with real-time tracking. The moment after the delivery agent has picked your order, a popup will be sent to the customer so that they can track the order while it reaches their doorstep.

  • Maximum customization

    The ability to customize is the most essential advantage that we offer through our flower and Plant Delivery App Development services. Our platform is extremely easy to customize as per the specific requirements of customers as well as service providers so that either one doesn't face the inconvenience while accessing the service.

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Flower Delivery App Business Model

Dev Technosys

Store Owner Model

If you have your own store and want to directly deliver the flowers to the customer, it is the perfect option you are searching for. Your earnings will directly come into your account by following this app model. As a store owner, you can easily track the records of sales, customer data, and staff.

Dev Technosys

Aggregator Model

This model connects customers and vendors on a common platform where you will be working as the aggregator. By following this model, you need to do two things first is the tie-up with the vendors, and the other is flower delivery app promotion to onboard more customers on your app. Here your earnings will be from the commission you will charge on each delivery.

Dev Technosys

Multi-Store Flower Chain

If you have multiple stores for the flower business, you can easily manage it all via an app. It also facilitates the users to search and find the desired flowers or bouquets for gifting to others. They will have to widen options to choose the items across all the stores. This model will help you engage the customers in a better way.

Ready-To-Go Flower Delivery App Solutions by Dev Technosys

  • 1-800 Flowers Clone

    1-800 Flowers Clone

  • FTD Clone

    FTD Clone

  • The Bouqs Co. Clone

    The Bouqs Co. Clone

  • ProFlowers Clone

    ProFlowers Clone

  • FromYouFlowers Clone

    FromYouFlowers Clone

  • Teleflora Clone

    Teleflora Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to make a flower delivery app?

    For developing a flower delivery app, you need to go through the following steps-

    • Research: Before starting the flower delivery business via an app, you must first research your idea and finalize it.
    • Competitors: Research your competitors, what they are doing, and what kind of tactics they are following for their business. It will help you to make your strategy.
    • Hire Flower Delivery App Developers: An excellent application must hire experienced mobile app developers. They will take care of your app from design to development.
    • Marketing & Promotion: The last step is app marketing & promotion to better reach the customers.
  • What are the benefits of flower delivery?

  • Can flower delivery application customized as per business model?

  • What are the top advantages of online flower delivery services?

  • How much does it cost to develop a flower delivery app for my business?

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