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The on-demand courier service is among one of the most renowned on-demand solutions offered by Dev Technosys. Our courier delivery services can automate delivery processes and permit the customer to train for their parcel easily. We have also integrated some latest technology stack and reliable features to offer maximum convenience to the users and other involved parties at a platform. The courier booking platform is easy to proceed with, and users can make the payment from multiple payment gateways provided with it.

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Courier Delivery App Development

Courier has been a big part of our lives and businesses around the world for a long time now. And with the introduction of technology, these services have only gotten better, and courier delivery apps got so famous.

After the pandemic, people have started preferring courier services even more. This means that there are a lot of business opportunities in this field. You can tap into this market with our On-demand courier Service App Development.

Dev Technosys is the leading courier delivery app development company. Our experienced mobile application developers and advanced technology offer the best courier app development solutions in the market. Stacked with the best features and most advanced tech, with this on-demand courier delivery application, you can rule the market.

Swiftly Connect, Deliver, And Conquer With Our App Like Solutions!

At Dev Technosys, we empower courier service businesses to revolutionize their operations with our cutting-edge app development solutions. Our mission is to swiftly connect, deliver, and conquer the challenges of the courier industry.

With our expertise, we create feature-rich apps that streamline logistics, enhance customer experiences, and maximize efficiency. Our apps help businesses track orders and receive instant updates, giving them an edge over competitors and improving service quality. Experience the future of courier services with us!

App Like Postmates

App Like Postmates

Looking to develop a dynamic courier service app like Postmates?

Look no further! At Dev Technosys, we specialize in crafting high-performance, user-friendly on demand delivery app builder that emulate the success of industry leaders. From seamless order management to efficient tracking, our tailored solutions will empower your business to thrive in the competitive delivery landscape. Let's bring your vision to life!

Apps Like Shipt

App Like Shipt

Embark on a revolutionary journey of convenience and efficiency with our best courier delivery apps like Shipt. Seamlessly connect customers with local couriers, ensuring swift deliveries and a hassle-free experience.

Experience the power of cutting-edge technology tailored to elevate your delivery service to new heights.

Apps Like Porter

App Like Porter

Step into the future of logistics with our groundbreaking courier service app like Porter. Empower your customers to enjoy seamless deliveries while empowering your fleet with advanced features. Witness the transformation of your courier business as it rises to unparalleled levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development: The Pivotal Features

These are some main features of the courier booking app.

  • Customer Panel
  • Delivery Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

Customer Panel

  • Profile Creation

    A user can easily create a profile with the help of their Gmail or e-mail id, or phone number. Users can log in through social media including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Geolocation

    A Google Maps API empowered users to pin the pickup and delivery location while booking courier service.

  • Multi Payment Option

    The delivery courier app has multiple payment options. So, the user can pay through net banking, debit card, credit card, among other things.

  • Real Time Tracking

    The user can track their courier package status in transition or delivered to the desired location.

  • Real Time ETA

    The real-time ETA is such an excellent feature that generates trust among customers regarding services.

  • In-App Chat

    It helps the service seekers connect with the support and also with the delivery boy.

Delivery Panel

  • Delivery Boy Profile

    The delivery staff can smoothly create their profile, including their name, contact number, and social security number.

  • Request Management

    The delivery boy can accept or reject the request according to their availability or based on the instructions given by management.

  • Package Status

    The agent can update the package status. You can do this based on the operation. For instance, package received, courier delivery, package in transit, among other things.

  • Real Time Navigation

    The real-time navigation feature facilitates the courier man to pick up and deliver the package to the desired location.

  • Earnings

    It displays the total earnings of a delivery boy, and they can check weekly earning or monthly earning.

  • Job History

    The courier staff can check the history of work in the courier service app that displays the status of and upcoming tasks.

Admin Panel

  • Staff Management

    The admin can update the details of delivery drivers easily. This includes their name, age, contact number, and other crucial information.

  • Verification

    This helps verify the delivery person’s detail. Here, the admin has right to accept or reject the request.

  • Customer Management

    You can add/edit/remove the customer profiles and details from the dashboard.

  • Payment Tracking

    The admin can monitor the received payments by customers, and they can also check commission deduction to the delivery boy.

  • Manage Service Providers

    You can add or remove the service providers based on their service quality.

  • Dashboard

    A superfine control panel that empowers the admin to handle all the tasks with ease.

Additional Features

  • Easy tracking

    The experienced professionals at Dev Technosys bring feature-rich courier services through which the customer can get a variety of benefits. They can not only track the parcel easily but also can integrate multiple location options to track their parcel.

  • Digital signature

    Experts develop our courier application services, enabling customers to get ultimate solutions. In the digital era, we emphasize digital signatures so that our customers can get incredible courier service at your doorstep. This also enables us to secure our platform even better.

  • Reliable management system

    Online courier services help improve the management of service. This adds to the convenience of service as well as a delivery partner. We have integrated efficient management system status so that the functioning remains organized and systematic.

  • Push notifications

    Dev Technosys’ On-demand delivery services developers consider all the needs and design on-demand delivery apps that appease customers. The platform integrates the courier service in a way that instantly notifies both parties involved with the parcel. This enables them to prepare for receiving the parcel or picking the parcel.

  • Online payment modes

    The courier services at Dev Technosys efficiently involved multiple online payment gateways. Our experienced professionals have integrated this feature and we have made sure to include misc payment modes to our platform. This helps us cover a large customer base and enable us to offer convenience to them.

  • Transparency

    Our courier services are completely secure and transparent. We frequently update the information. We conduct a thorough tracking process. Helping secure the data and services. Dev Technosys makes sure there are no misconduct or breaches that affect inconvenience to the user. We make sure user data is always safe and secure with us.

Courier Delivery App Demo

This is a courier services solution demo by Dev Technosys.It will be such a great experience to go through it.

How Does It Work?

Being a leading courier app development company, we always strive to produce fantastic solutions that meet international courier industry standards. The following points represent the workflow of the courier work app.

  • 1

    Sign Up

    The on-demand courier app empowers users with the social media login feature, facilitating fast onboarding.

  • 2

    Book My Package

    A user places the request to pick up the package, including all information related to it.

  • 3

    Package Pickup

    After the package delivery, the user gets the final receipt on their device. You can see this through the on-demand courier app's push notification.

  • 4

    Package Tracking

    The customer gets a real-time tracking update about the package status.

  • 5

    Package Delivery Report

    After the package delivery, the user gets the final receipt on their device. This can be seen through the peer to peer shipping app push notification.

  • 6


    Users can share their overall experience with a courier service provider.

Complete Range of On-Demand Courier App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

Our app solutions for courier delivery have all you need to create the next big thing in the market. Our team can develop an for all different platforms, including web, iOS, as well as android. In addition to this, the application we create is compatible with different devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart tvOS, and others. The market knows our courier app solutions as the best at the most affordable prices.

Our on-demand Courier app solutions core parts include -

App for Users

This application has features for making a courier booking, tracking the package, and different payment method for the user.

App for Vendor

Vendors get features on this app to update the status, get address information for their courier destination, and various other features.

Web Admin Panel

The app has admin panels that allow the in charge to control and supervise the activity.

Including these, you can demand any of the following on-demand courier app development solutions for your business.

Dev Technosys
iOS Courier Delivery App
Dev Technosys
Android Courier Delivery App
Dev Technosys
Courier Tracking App Development
Dev Technosys
Freight Forwarding App
Dev Technosys
Logistics Management App Development
Dev Technosys
Haulage Services App Development
Dev Technosys
Online Courier Marketplace
Dev Technosys
Courier Delivery Company App
Dev Technosys
Parcel Booking & Dispatching App
Dev Technosys
Courier Partner App
You can customize any courier app development solution mentioned above to meet your needs and we guarantee the best results.
Dev Technosys

Do you want to launch your courier app having features such as DHL international or FedEx?

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Courier Delivery App Development Services

While there is a business that delivers goods across the globe, they miss something. Today’s age requires the use of technology, i.e. smart courier solutions. With this, clients can not only serve customers better but also meet the business needs.

By keeping in mind, the Dev Technosys always develop the solutions. Our mobile app developers are well qualified and have experience of a decade in developing solutions for global businesses. The motive of courier delivery app development services is to provide simplified solutions for complex issues.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Megabonus- Finding your parcel

Track your orders and international parcels from China and all over the world for free. Locate your orders from AliExpress, Joom, Pandao, eBay, Gearbest, Banggood, Asos, iHerb, Bonprix and thousands of other online shops...
Dev Technosys

Senpex- Courier Delivery App

Senpex transforming on-demand delivery for both businesses and individual consumers. By utilizing their exclusive fleet of the most dependable couriers, along with their full scope of vehicles capable of hauling thousands of pounds of goods, Se...
Dev Technosys

On-demand Courier App Development Solutions Cost Estimation

The cost of on-demand courier delivery app solutions demands various factors. Let's see what the different things that affect the cost of courier delivery apps are; these are, as mentioned below:

Dev Technosys


There are two main platforms which are iOS and Android. But you can also opt-out for a cross-platform application; all three of these have different development costs.

Dev Technosys

UI/UX Components

The cost of on-demand courier applications increases with the complexity of UI/UX components.

Dev Technosys


Features are an important part of any application. The more advanced features you want in your application, the more it is going to add in cost.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

Everyone wants their courier app developed using the latest technology, so you need the latest tech stack. This can also add to the cost.

Dev Technosys

Third-Party APIs

There is no doubt adding third part APIs to the courier app provides additional functionality. While some APIs are free of cost, others can have a big price tag.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

Before deploying the courier app, we need to test it in a live environment. To achieve this purpose, we use paid tools, which consume a significant portion of the development budget.

Dev Technosys

App Security

Courier service app deals with a lot of sensitive data that is why it is an important part of the application. Securing applications against cyberattacks can be expensive.

Dev Technosys

Hosting & Submission

The cost of hosting is different on different platforms. In addition to this, different platforms also charge different fees for app submission.

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Why Choose Us For Courier App Development?

At Dev Technosys we provide courier delivery mobile app development services for mobile app and web platforms. Here, vendors and businesses can connect to drivers and request on-demand or scheduled package delivery services anytime. Anything that can lead us to cater to and serve our customers we duly concern it.


Service with passion

We assure the highest level of courier services.


Flexible scheduling

We conduct pre-schedule or demand services.


Upfront pricing

Dev Technosys provides convenient quotes.


Security and reliability

we have a fully secured platform.


Real-time tracking

Our customers get live tracking and signature verifications.


Feature-rich API

We provide instant satisfaction to our customers.


Fleet replacement

It is easy to reduce the overheads.

Benefits of Using Our Courier Services Solutions

At Dev Technosys we highly consider robust on-demand courier app services. There are some irrepressible benefits that we offer to our customers including

  • Live Geo tracking

    It is always helpful for the users to live track of their parcel in real-time. We integrate best the right solutions in our on-demand courier delivery app. This allows the customer to see delivers drivers carrying their parcel and track it in real-time.

  • Booking cancellation

    Most of the users face difficulty when they have to somehow cancel the booking or require some changes in it. We provide the best comfort to our clients. Thus, they can change or cancel their booking in real-time without any extra charge.

  • Coordination with a delivery person

    As we have mentioned earlier our courier services are absolutely reliable and have a customer focused approach with them. We provide an interactive interface to our customers so that they can easily deal with the concerned person carrying their parcel. This interface enables the user to connect with the delivery drivers. You can do this through call and real-time chatting features.

  • Work history

    With work history, it is easier and simpler for customers as well as delivery drivers to check previous bookings. The services history allows users to explore previous points of services request made through the courier delivery app.

  • Ratings and review

    It is an extremely important and helpful advantage that we offer to our customers as well as courier delivery person. This helps them understand our on-demand delivery app services better. If clients are satisfied or want to suggest an improvement, they can leave their feedback through our review system.

  • Detailed profile

    We have made sure to have a detailed profile of our customers as well as involved parties. We also emphasize providing regularly updated information so that one can easily access precise information about the times of need.

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Courier Delivery Business App Models

Dev Technosys

Peer-To-Peer Model

This is an interesting online courier delivery business model. Here, people can register as delivery drivers and earn on each delivery they make.

It is the same concept that eBay or BlaBla Car follows. In simpler terms, you can understand it as a person-to-person delivery model. A startup can earn the commission as a mediator between two individuals, i.e., delivery person and receiver.

Dev Technosys

B2C Model

Here you can start your own courier delivery business and provide the services via an excellent courier booking app. Two things you need are: partner with clients who need delivery services and hire office and delivery and office staff. Via promotion of the app, you can target a wider audience.

Dev Technosys

B2B Model

This model connects two businesses. Thus, we deliver the goods to businesses in bulk. The best example is Cargomatic that allows on-demand access to the trucks and shippers. For generating the revenue in big figures, it is such a great app model that you can follow.

Dev Technosys

Marketplace Model

It is a three-sided marketplace model where you will connect the sellers, delivery services and customers in one place. It will be the same as UberEats, where it works as a mediatory between restaurant, driver and customer. For your startup, you can consider it one of the best on-demand courier delivery app development models.

Ready-To-Go Courier Delivery App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    DeliveryMark Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Axon Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    On Fleet Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    OnnAway Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Roadie Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Locate2u Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How Much does it Cost to Create an Courier Delivery App?

    You can estimate the cost of creating an on-demand courier delivery app at around $8,000 - $15,000. As a top mobile app development company, we try to keep costs in check. Nevertheless, the final development cost depends on different factors.

    It’s very important to research the whole market and to know the loopholes in the competitors' brands. In this way, you can make your brand more unique and give different facilities to the customers.

  • How Can I Create a Courier App for My Business?

  • How Much does it Cost to Develop an On Demand Courier Delivery App at Dev Technosys?

  • What are the Features of a Perfect On Demand Courier Delivery App?

  • Will You Provide the Source Code of the Courier Delivery App?

  • Is it possible to implement the changes after launching of an app?

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